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Taking Over Cranmore Home...

Ha, that title is a little extreme, sounds like I have won a battle or just completed a major merger and acquisition! I might have to work on my titles.

So, this is my first Blog ever and I will admit it is a bit daunting. I am not a word wizard or a grammar guru I will admit to that now, so sorry for anyone who hates to see typos and grammar mistakes, but I will do my best!

So just over 4 months ago now I became the new owner of Cranmore Home and I’m still buzzing in the honeymoon phase, I think!  Tracy Lefroy (previous owner, legend, kindred spirit) handed over this beautifully curated site to me and I am now trying to ensure it continues to flourish with unique brands, homewares you can’t keep your hands off and furniture to die for! She has put so much love into Cranmore Home that I hope to continue her legacy!

A little about me! I’m a dutiful wife (he he) and amazing mother of two gorgeous kids, who are growing up too fast. I’m located in Perth, WA (originally from Brisbane, QLD) and I love to go the beach when I can, holiday (OMG just had the best ski trip to Japan) and I love to read!  I do hard copy books (haven’t got the kindle just yet), but I also read every design, interior, furniture magazine I can, including the IKEA brochure, and that is what lead me to Cranmore Home.   

Before Cranmore Home, I was the State Partnerships Manager for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and absolutely loved it! After 6 ½ years though it was time for a change and the wind blew me in the direction of Cranmore Home, and here I am! Working with some amazing designers, builders and architects whilst continuing to curate the online store.

So, I hope to continue to blog about my love of interiors, small business adventures and new products and hope you enjoy reading them. If you ever have a topic you would like me to write about please let me know.

Here’s to a new adventure, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Jayne x


Image 1. Final one I chose

Image 2. After 2 hours of trying to take the "perfect" picture for my profile. Several angles and outfits later I was slightly over it!