Published in the Australian Women's Weekly

Can you imagine just how excited I was to receive a beautiful email from the Australian Womens Weekly Homes Editor Hande Renshaw? "would you be interested in hosting us at your home..." she asked. "Of course!," I replied! 

Cue a lot of excitement and frantic cleaning - despite the beautiful Hande telling me to just leave it 'as is' - did she realise there are three kids living in this place?!

The result? A visit from two of the most gorgeously kind people from AWW, Hande Renshaw and Photographer Scott Hawkes. Not only was it a delight to host them at our farmhouse, but it was such a pleasure to meet two people who were so dedicated to presenting our family home in an authentic and honest manner. Yes, the house was tidier than it has EVER been, but Scott still managed to capture its 'homeliness', its warmth and the character that makes it our family home. Thank you to Scott and Hande and please, enjoy a little look at our family home. I feel rather chuffed about it all, really.





  • Just beautiful Tracy. You are one talented lady.

    Posted by Carmen Stanley on September 01, 2014

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