A ram sale, baking and a super hero. Off-topic Blog post!

So, aside from curating Cranmore Home, being a Mum to three young kids, I also partner with my husband in running our farm... and last week was well and truly about being a 'farmer's wife' in preparation for our annual merino ram sale. There was a crowd to feed and baking to be done! Look - I completely forgot to take a photo at the start of the day, but here is one after people have done a fair bit of eating.

I would like to say i made the gorgeously presented chocolate brownies.. but alas, my beautiful friend Margaret made them

My five and three year old sons were in charge of 'floral styling' - they did ok! As much as I would love to say that I made those beautiful individually wrapped brownies in the foreground, thanks must go to uber-baker and wonderful friend Margaret over at www.healthychart.com.au  

Fairly obviously, this is a ram. Just in case you were wondering what all the fuss was about - this is it. He's pretty spunky as far a sheep go. Some of his mates are lined up behind him waiting for their turn to shine in the sale ring. And shine they did - we had a cracking sale, with an incredible clearance rate and terrific average sale price.

I think what I love most about ram sale is watching our clients... each year they sit in the same place in the auction shed, use the same bidding 'nod' and select using their own evaluation system. I also love that we have been selling rams in this manner for over one hundred years now, that's not bad going for a merino stud. My little boys also think it's a pretty good day. Ollie came dressed ready for some action.

No ram sale is complete without its own Super Hero to guard over proceedings!

Enough farmer / sheep talk from me, just wanted to share with you 

x T

PS I promise a more on-topic blog post next week. There will be shopping to be done

PPS Here is a little pic of the prizes for our local golf club, proudly supplied by Cranmore Home


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