Light me up.

I am completely, utterly and unashamedly a light tragic. Not convinced of the tragedy that is my lighting obsession? Check out my Pinterest lighting board - full to the brim with lighting ranging from contemporary to old-school.

I am firmly of the belief that no matter what else you might do to it, lighting will make or break any room. Too much and you're instantly and unwillingly transported to a convenience store at midnight. Too little and you're knocking your shins on the occasional table. And it's not just about the intensity or direction of light, either. The lights in your life should emanate from beautiful sources oozing with solidity and warmth.

Lighting should, in my opinion, never be an afterthought in a decorating scheme but part of your plan from the early stages. Mix it up with your lighting - pendants, floor and table lamps... you do not have to uniformly light a room. What we are chasing are soft pools of light coming from a variety of sources, tantalising the eye with lowlights and highlights. 

I was lucky enough to recently receive an amazing lamp as a gift from an equally amazing girlfriend... and so began my love affair with the new & old lamp series...

New & old clip lamp ($99.95 ) in wood and chrome alongside my (thanks Lucy!) New & old table lamp in dark wood and gunmetal ($189.95 ) 

These lamps for shelf, desk, table and floor give more than a nod to the industrial, whilst retaining a beautifully modern silhouette thanks to the light footprint of the materials and striking overall design. Available in a range of materials, including light and dark woods and stainless and gun metal steels, each lamp offers form that is never outshone by its wonderfully warm function.

Along a similar vein is the hanging miner's pendant lamp. I love the versatility, not to mention affordability at just $79.95 a pop, of this lamp. It comes with a standard plug which means you can choose to plug'n'go immediately or get a sparky to hard-wire it in. Some of my clients are simply placing this lamp on a tabletop and it looks casually elegant. I also love the look pictured below where it is used in a series to create great impact. 

Now, look closely at this pic, see how the cord of the lamps is tied? Loving that look! It means you can make a subtle feature even of the cord AND it means you can adjust the height of the pendants super easily. Think of them lined up over your breakfast bar, looped to use as overhead lamps in your bedroom... the possibilities are endless!

In any interior, a statement light will always make people stop in their tracks... whatever the fixture, a statement light will always pack a punch. In my home, my first 'statement' light was a beautiful dome copper pendant.


I'm no photographer but you can see how these lamps take our mudroom with existing slate floors, obligatory clutter-hiding baskets and freshly painted white walls to a new level. Interest! These lights give off a wonderfully warm glow and give a welcoming embrace to our visitors.

Copper is a long-time favourite material of mine and I have used elsewhere in the house. My problem will be ensuring I don't make my home too copper-tastic. Here is another use of copper, just in case you are interested.

Our home was built over one hundred years ago by wonderful Italian stonemasons. The thick stone walls do mean that wiring / plumbing etc are all pretty tricky to install. Hence the copper piping as used here. My sparky was not convinced but I could not put plastic conduit on a wall this beautiful! The lights are actually ceiling pendant lights which we re-purposed and sprayed all evidence of chrome fittings with black paint.

All of the lights used in my home are available through the Cranmore Home product sourcing service. Just ping me an email to get an idea of cost and availability.

Next up in my lighting lust-list comes a very, very favourite artist of mine Hayden Youlley. Hayden is INSANELY talented, hard-working, creative and inspirational... check out the rest of his work . Just a little brag - Cranmore Home is the ONLY WA stockist of his work (oh yeah!). 

Hayden's lights take statement lighting to a whole new level. Part of his IM Series, his lights... oh, there are no words. Just look!


At $265 each, these handcrafted IM Pendant Lights are just incredible. Each one crafted by Hayden in his studio, you request the orientation of the opening (ie down, to the side etc) to create a pendant that is unique. Sigh... one day

Okay, enough from me on lighting. Seriously, I could go on all day...



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