Armadillo and Co is one of Australia's most respected and best-loved designers of floor rugs in Australia. They promote Australian design and support the community in which their rugs are made, in India. Armadillo rugs give much more than lip service with their Fair Trade credentials only just touching the tip of the iceberg with their support of local artisans.

Fair Trade Rugs Australia

Armadillo and Co were founded only 5 short years ago and have excelled in producing high quality, honest and earthly rugs that people desperately want in their homes. At Armadillo & Co rugs, the designers combine aesthetics with ethics. When purchasing an Armadillo rug you will not only support an Australian business, but also this support ripples to hardworking families in India who cherish the employment of a Fair Trade champion. Each Armadillo rug is made from sustainable natural fibres, which may include pure wool, jute, cotton or hemp.

Tailored Armadillo and Co Rug

Not every room is the same size or has the same layout. That’s why we also offer custom sizing for some of our Armadillo and Co rugs. If you require this service, please feel free to contact Tracy Lefroy on 0402 067 908 or

At Cranmore Home, we’re proud to support a local designer who not only produces beautiful floor rugs in Australia but also embraces fair trade practices.

If you’re looking for unique, well-crafted floor rugs in Australia, an Armadillo and co rug could be just the rug to finish off your room or outdoor setting. Our full range of Armadillo rugs in Australia are below.


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