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  • ART PRINT | grey carrol myrtle by leah bartholomew
  • ART PRINT | grey carrol myrtle by leah bartholomew
  • ART PRINT | grey carrol myrtle by leah bartholomew

ART PRINT | grey carrol myrtle by leah bartholomew


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Leah Bartholomew’s artworks are an abstract representation of the beauty found in the landscape and life of her local environment, Northern NSW and the Gold Coast. Her work is created in direct response to the emotion evoked from living and interacting with the natural environment. Leah’s paintings are an optimistic, colourful vision of her home town that speaks of the energy and vibrancy which can be felt on any day. As part of her art practice, the ritual of daily walks play an integral part in forming the initial concept for her pieces. After taking in the atmosphere of the day and observing the natural elements, she begins her work with mini torn paper collages which identify with the colours and mood from her surrounding space. These collages may represent the colours of the weather, or how the warmth of the rocks on the beach felt, or the blinding brightness of an electric blue sky. The colour palette is carefully chosen in response to this and the paper collages then inform the large scale paintings. Each day is different and her affinity with the landscape provides endless material to respond to. Leah’s work is easily recognisable by her clean, bold style with natural elements.

GREY CARROL MYRTLE  is part of a series of works based on Sunshine Coast native flora. A fine art print in limited edition of 50, available in three sizes. This print has been carefully and skilfully reproduced to replicate the original painted artwork. All prints are signed by Leah and are printed on heavy archival cotton rag paper.

Small prints have been designed to fit commercial frames so you can frame it immediately.

Once order is placed it is printed, signed and numbered and takes approximately 2 weeks to complete order.

Leah's prints are ‘made-to-order’. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Please call 0437 647 811 or email to place an order

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