We stock the full range of Hale Mercantile Co duvets, sheets, towels, pillowcases and cushions. Given the luxury nature of these pieces, we do prefer to chat to our customers with regard to their selection of HMCo. Please either email tracylefroy@cranmore.com.au or call on 0402 067 908. 

In a time of mass production and the constant quest for a 'bargain', Hale Mercantile Co have committed themselves to both Australian design and the European region in linen production. They align themselves with craftsmen throughout Europe that represent passion in an unrivalled trade of which the Europeans have long been masters. Hale Mercantile have a commitment to offer quality. To offer a collection of products that offer durability, exude charm, and the promise of longevity.

We have a beautiful range of HMCo linen in-store and we are very happy to talk you through your selection. Please give me, Tracy, a call on 0402 067 908 to place an order or organise a consultation in-store. x