Bec Fogarty is the creative mind behind Hammered Leathterworks and their ingenious JUST STITCH IT kits. Bec is one life's problem solvers and creative thinks - she refers to her craft as not just her hobby but her life. She is delightfully left-of-centre and her values old-school. Bec's belief in traditional techniques and respect for theses techniques are gently bough forth into the current time by her beautiful design. 

Bec, and her husband Adam, created Hammered Leatherworks' JUST STITCH IT kits as a way of nurturing the traditional skills of leatherwork and ensuring they continue to be learned. The JUST STITCH IT kids give anyone the chance to try their hand at leatherwork with affordable, high quality leather kits, tools, workshops and supplies. 

The kits cater for everyone, be them newbies to leatherwork who are trying their hand at a new skill or a hobbyist who desires a piece that has traditional contraction methods with a modern aesthetic.

Everyone can enjoy a JUST STITCH IT kit, you can even make the product yourself and gift the finished result or give the gift of a creative journey.