Harpers Project live by the Scandanavian mantra buy once, buy well

After a decade in the furniture industry, Harpers Project, a family owned online business was born in 2014.

Harpers Project was conceived to accomplish our family goal: “To provide the most unique, stylish handmade timber and marble pieces and share our passion in furniture lifestyle with the world.”

Harpers Project love the clean raw timber styling of Scandinavian furniture and are inspired by the timeless versatility of marble used by the Europeans. Harpers Project decided to create a range of marble furniture and raw timber pieces that reflect current furniture trends. Their designs are born and developed in Melbourne, Australia.

They believe that each piece has its own unique characteristics that can only come from handmade furniture. Proudly, Harpers Project furniture is not mass produced in large factories. It is all delicately hand made by highly experienced carpenters.

If you share Harpers Project + Cranmore Home's passion for handmade furniture that will stand the test of time, I am sure you love Harpers Project furniture.  

Cranmore Home proudly ships Australia-wide and can quote on shipping internationally on request.