MAGALI DINCHER artwork, prints + stationery

Magali Dincher's creative life started soon after the plane she landed in Perth from Paris. Magali spent the first 25 years of her life in France, before moving to the other side of the world to make a new life for herself. In a wonderful accident, Magali's frustration at her inability to communicate in the verbal form led to her expressing herself creatively through drawing. Lucky for us, as Magali is an incredible artist!
Magali spent her time drawing, and practising printmaking. Before long, she had her first series of limited edition prints ready to show the world. Cranmore Home is thrilled to present a curated edit of her quirky and detailed limited edition prints on paper. All are handmade and hand coloured with water colours, using traditional print-making techniques. In addition to the original prints, Magali is now branching into stationery, reproductions and rubber stamps.