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Designer Furniture & Homeware Store

Cranmore Home & Co. is an online collection of designer, furniture, art, and homeware store.

The unique collection has been painstakingly curated, with hours upon hours spent trawling through magazines, design books and all over the breadth of the Internet to present a range of products that will not only suffice as practical homeware and furniture commodities but will also serve to inspire and impress on a daily basis.

Your Home

We are a picky bunch here at Cranmore Home & Co. Whether it’s lighting for your dining room or a rug for your study, living room cushions or throw rugs for those chillier nights, we don’t miss a beat when it comes to our customers’ needs. Whatever its calling, every piece of designer homewares and furniture in the Cranmore Home & Co. curation has made the list through a highly selective process and has been given the nod for quality, style, and value. We appreciate that what furnishes one’s living spaces is what makes them so very livable and we are confident that everything in our selection has what it takes. The individual charm and character of any of our homewares and furniture is sure to make it quite at home where it belongs.

We also have a passion for local Australian designers and makers, so you will see many products by amazing Australian talent throughout Cranmore Home & Co.  Our Made by Hand collection showcases this local talent and their products made with love and care usually from within their own studios.


Cranmore Home & Co. also loves to work closely with Interior Designers, Stylists, Architects and Builders to source products for your upcoming projects.  Cranmore Home & Co. has evolved significantly in it's six years of existence, becoming  focused on our trade clients too. Our trade clients tell us that one of the biggest advantages to working with Cranmore Home & Co. on a project is that there is just one port-of-call for such a large range of products. This aids with efficiency in your time, as you are dealing with just one supplier, not multiples. So feel free to check out our trade page and register for an account to find out more.


So why “& Co”? We have an amazing house of brands and because of our valued brand partners we have been able to provide a true designer experience. The “& Co” is a nod to say thank you to our suppliers as we wouldn’t have an amazing online store if it wasn’t for them!

Personal Shopping

A new service to Cranmore Home & Co. is personal shopping.  We have many people contacting us in search of items they want, but aren't 100% sure what brand or options they have of a similar product, and because we not only love to provide gorgeous products to choose from, we also love to shop! So get check out our personal shopping section to find out how we can help you.