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Terms & Conditions for Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Terms & Conditions

Cranmore Home & Co. will not commence looking for products unless a questionnaire has been completed and budget confirmed. This just makes it easier for us to narrow down your style and understanding of what budget we have to work with.

Cranmore Home & Co. will provide a selection of options for you within 5 days of receiving the completed questionnaire and budget.

Cranmore Home & Co. will provide images, stock availability, delivery details and any other information relevant to the item(s) along with a quote at time of presentation.

Cranmore Home & Co. will require 100% payment for all in stock items prior to purchase and a 50% deposit to secure any items on back order with the remaining due on dispatch. A tax invoice will be provided.

Cranmore Home & Co.s' shipping, delivery, returns and privacy policy are all as per existing terms on

Cranmore Home & Co are not interior designers or stylists, we just love to shop and are providing the service of finding what you are looking for.  If you would like the service of an Interior Designer or Stylist please contact us as we work with many across Australia.

Cranmore Home & Co will provide discounts where we can, but we do not charge a fee for this service, so we hope that you understand that the pricing we do provide is the best we can. We do however absorb shipping costs, where we can, so that freight is not so scary!

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