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Entertaining Outside! My Favourite Time of the Year.

October 07 2019 – Jayne

The sun is out, our Australian balmy breeze is blowing, the BBQ is spreading the most tasty aromas around the neighbourhood and you have 10 guests coming over! This is my favourite time of year, when we can eat, snooze and play all day long outside. Add Christmas, New Year's and Australia Day into the mix and it is non stop outdoor entertaining!

Outdoor Furniture Design

The only way to be able to entertain the hordes however is to be outdoor ready, with the right outdoor furniture! If you are like me and have active kids who like to have friends over all the time you soon realise that BBQ's with the families comes next and you are constantly entertaining in your outdoor space. So how do you get outdoor ready? Here I have a few must haves in your area, that can maximise space, and make your entertaining days easy peasy.

1. Outdoor furniture and dining option to maximise space and seating capacity. I have loved our outdoor setting and truly recommend a long outdoor dining table and bench seats. I love how the bench seats allow for a minimum of 4 bottoms each, more if they are small children. If you do however have older guests that don't like swinging their legs over the bench, make sure you include an additional 2 chairs (preferable high back) at each end. Then you have seating for 10.

Outdoor Furniture from Cranmore Home

2. Outdoor Furniture for Relaxation. Having an outdoor setting that includes a lounge or comfy chairs is perfect for the lazy afternoons, reading a book or magazine, or just chatting with friends. If you have room for an outdoor lounge I would invest in a quality 3 seater first, this ensures enough space for that accidental afternoon nap or cosy reading position. You could also get an actual daybed, which really will ensure you fall asleep. You might just waste the whole day away though .. or maybe that's the idea :)

Outdoor Furniture from Satara Living

Photo: Satara Furniture

3. Outdoor Cushions and Rugs. These accessories are where you get the opportunity to add colour and change up your styling each season, if you wish too. Just make sure you purchase outdoor quality cushions, as these will be water and sun resistant and last the test of time along with our harsh Australian weather.

4. Hanging Chairs. Who doesn't love a good hanging chair? Either a double hanging chair or two next to each other makes a great spot of endless chatter and drinks with friends as the breeze blows straight through the chair. Do make sure however they are professionally installed!

Noosa Hammock by Collective Sol Hanging Chair by Cranmore Home

Photo: Noosa Hammock by Collective Sol & Hanging Chair by Cranmore Home

5. Outdoor hooks or Towel Ladder. If you have a pool there is nothing worse than wet towels left all over the place or on the pool fence. So by adding some outdoor hooks to your external walls or a wooden towel ladder to hang those wet towels on, can be a god send! Especially if placed where the towels can dry quickly.

6. Need shade, why not sure a beach umbrella? One thing to ensure you have in a great entertaining area is ample shade for our hot Australian days. If you don't have a covered area, check out some great beach umbrellas that have a canopy of 2m and SPF 50+ as these are a great options for in the garden or by the pool.

Salt Beach Umbrella by Sunday Supply Co

Photo: Salt Beach Umbrella by Sunday Supply Co.

So, if you are keen on getting your outdoor entertaining area ready for summer feel free to contact your homewares online, Cranmore Home as we can help with a selection of options from our furniture partners Satara, Globewest and Uniqwa Furniture who all specialise in outdoor furniture.