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Lead Times Suck .. But There are Advantages of Pre-Ordering Furniture

April 03 2024 – Jayne Graham

We all want our pieces now! And sometimes it sucks to get a notification that there are unexpected lead times when all you want is your hands on your furniture now.

Unfortunately the reality behind most furniture stores who have selective boutique pieces, their shipments sell out prior to arriving which means we need to manage our customers expectations in regards to lead times.  Most of the time we have a good handle on the shipments and can provide a 'not so bad' lead time if orders are placed to secure items on the next shipments.  

That being said, there are some advantages of pre-ordering your furniture!

In the realm of interior design and home furnishing, the decision to pre-order furniture has emerged as a strategic choice for many homeowners and decorators alike. While traditional shopping methods may seem more familiar, the practice of pre-ordering furniture offers a host of benefits that can enhance the overall experience of furnishing a space. From securing unique pieces to ensuring timely delivery, here’s why pre-ordering furniture is a smart idea.

First and foremost, pre-ordering furniture allows you to access a broader selection of items. Unlike in-stock inventory that may be limited to what’s immediately available, pre-ordering opens up the possibility of choosing from a wider range of designs, colours, and styles. This means that you can find pieces that perfectly align with your aesthetic preferences and functional needs, rather than settling for what happens to be on display in a showroom.

Moreover, pre-ordering offers the opportunity to secure exclusive or customisable pieces that may not be readily available otherwise. 

 Another compelling reason to pre-order furniture is the assurance of timely delivery. In an era where supply chain disruptions and shipping delays are increasingly common, pre-ordering allows customers to bypass the uncertainty of waiting for in-stock items to become available. By reserving furniture in advance, you can better plan your timelines and avoid the frustration of extended lead times or backorders (most of the time!). This proactive approach to procurement ensures that the furniture arrives when needed, facilitating smoother project execution and minimising potential delays.

Additionally, pre-ordering allows you to lock in current prices, protecting against potential price increases due to inflation or changes in market conditions.

Beyond the tangible benefits, pre-ordering furniture fosters a sense of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming space transformation. The process of selecting and reserving furniture adds an element of anticipation to the decorating journey, enhancing the overall experience of creating a personalised living environment. Whether it’s envisioning how a statement sofa will anchor the living room or planning the layout of a custom dining table, pre-ordering encourages individuals to actively engage with the design process and invest in their home with enthusiasm.

In conclusion, pre-ordering furniture offers a multitude of advantages that make it a smart choice for homeowners, decorators, and design enthusiasts alike. From accessing a wider selection of items to securing exclusive pieces and ensuring timely delivery, the benefits of pre-ordering extend far beyond mere convenience.

By embracing this proactive approach to furnishing spaces, you can elevate your interior design projects while enjoying the excitement of bringing your vision to life.