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Over it! Trying To Style Your Home But Don't Have The Time or Patience To Find Your Perfect Pieces?

March 01 2022 – Jayne Graham

Time is going by so quickly! It is already March 2022 and kids are back at school, Autumn in officially here, Easter is only 4 weeks away .. eek.  Although I do love a good Easer egg!! My downfall really, I actually get excited when I see Easter eggs on the shelves early.  Sorry I digress... easily distracted by chocolate...

Bedside Table

As I was saying ...I look around our suburb here in Perth lately and it is buzzing with activity! Many new houses are being built or older ones renovated, I think the pandemic has meant more of us have been staring at our old walls for too long and are starting to wondering what we can do to make our homes more of a Sanctuary! As we are tending to spend way more time at home or in the garden, it makes sense that we want to enjoy the spaces!

But, if you are like me, and I am even in the industry, you need time and a surge of energy to look for any furniture or homewares when making changes.  It can be super fun going shopping for new furniture and homewares, but it can also be daunting if you aren't 100% sure where to look or what you are actually looking for!

Pony Rider Cushions

Looking for that particular bedhead, pendant, sofa, desk or duvet cover can start out fun, but then become tiresome quickly or overwhelming. Sometimes you just can't find it or you are so busy it keeps being bumped off your To Do list or everything you find is way out of your budget? I bet this is resonating with a few of you!

Well, this exact pain point is what lead to us developing our complimentary Furniture Finder Service. We love to shop (I can sometimes get distracted when looking for our customers as I find new items and start thinking about how lovely they would look in my home!) and, we have a large selection of brands and partners that we work with every day which means we can find so many amazing pieces quickly and have all the information about the products at our finger tips! So by just knowing a few things about what you are looking for we can bundle a few options together pretty quickly.

What you are looking for may not even be on our website, but that won't stop us, as our network of brands extends beyond the products we offer on our online store.

So if you are keen try our service, just click here and it will take you to our Furniture Finder Page which has a quick form for you to complete that asks a few questions to ensure we find your perfect piece a little quicker.

No obligation to purchase either!  We just like to assist where we can.  No request is too big or too small, so please do get in touch.

Keep the fun alive when styling your home, it is meant to be enjoyable turning your house into a home! 

Here are a few mood boards below for a little inspiration and to get you excited again about finding your perfect piece.


Jayne x 




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