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Supermum, You're Wonderful but Very Underpaid! Happy Mothers Day!

May 07 2019 – Jayne Graham

Ode to my mum!

I can clearly remember singing this song to my mum when I was in primary school with my brother. It still rings true!  Happy Mothers Day to all the mum's out there!

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I found the lyrics, but not who wrote it? It's a great song!

Who’s stronger than a lion, gentle as a lamb, 
Funnier than Chaplin, wise as Solomon? 
Who flies around like lightening and never goes to bed? 
It’s Supermum, the wonder-worker: Kills all known germs dead!   

Supermum, you’re wonderful, but very underpaid. 
Supermum, you’re cook and cleaner, handyman and maid. 
If you put in a bill, for all the work you do, 
There’d be an awful lot of wages due. 

She’s generous as Robin Hood and all his merry men. 
She’s as kind as Florence Nightingale, and then as kind again. 
Like superman, she’s X-ray vision (she can see through me)! 
With a voice to rival Tarzan’s when she calls us in for tea. 

She’s more wonderful than Wonder-Woman, really quite a gal; 
More honest and clean living than Batman and his pal. 
Her bark is just like Lassie’s, far worse than any bite. 
A sharp word from our mum would give Count Dracula a fright! 

She produces far more lollipops than Kojak ever had; 
She’s handier with a power-tool than anybody’s dad. 
She’s brainier than K9 and his Master Dr Who: 
Do you get the message Supermum? There’s no one quite like you. 

She could be made Prime Minister, she’d be superb at that; 
She could be Queen of England, but she’d never wear a hat. 
She should be made World President, she’s sensible and good; 
She’d keep them superpowers in line if anybody could! 

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