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Why We Love Pony Rider - Authentic Limited Edition Cushions & Textiles.

April 06 2023 – Jayne Graham

We love to think that Cranmore Home & Co is the place to find boutique brands.  Ones that don't have heaps of store fronts but is still admired by many industry trade and customers alike.  That is why we love Pony Rider so much! They provide limited edition collections each season and each collection brings something new to the table. And, they have one flagship shop, in Newport, northern beaches Sydney, which is a gorgeous must visit spot if you are ever in the area!

Pony Rider like to describe themselves as lovers of the rugged outdoors, roaming ranges, vintage patterns and all things earthly and that is exactly what each collection brings.  Hence fitting nicely into our Farmhouse and Coastal collections!  I must admit my house is covered in Pony Rider as I was a fan favourite even before I became the owner of Cranmore Home & Co!

Mountain Cushion by Pony Rider

Founded in 2009, Pony Rider has become a leader in the homewares and lifestyle industry, offering a wide range of products from cushions to accessories to throws.  They were originally known for their bespoke cushions but are now also designing and producing gorgeous bedding, canvas accesories and super popular wall art.

I have also seen Pony Rider cushions popping up more and more in the interior magazines and most recently they were scattered throughout Mick Fannings (legend surfers) holiday home! Which resonated with me, that the other reason we love Pony Rider, is because their pieces appeal to everyone.  The earthy colours and tones and materials used, work in spaces for everyone.  I know my son loves his Aztec throw and hubby loves our Highlander cushions in Olive and Navy because of the textural feel and its not linen (quote his words "not linen") as I went through a linen only phase! The adventurous and earthy design elements definitely translates to mass appeal but as they are only providing a limited edition of pieces per season, if you are lucky enough to secure a Pony Rider piece you feel special and your home is happy too!

Pony Rider Cusions

Pony Rider Cushion

At Pony Rider, they also take pride in their commitment to quality and sustainability. All of Pony Rider products are designed in Australia and manufactured ethically using natural materials sourced from around the world. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that all materials meet their high standards for quality and sustainability. They use natural fibers for their textiles and recycled metals and canvas for accessories. Once they have sourced the best materials, they then work with artisans in India to craft each product by hand. This ensures that each piece is unique and of the highest quality.

Canvas Bag by Pony Rider

At Pony Rider, they also believe that quality should never be compromised when it comes to crafting beautiful homewares and lifestyle products. That’s why all of their products are designed in Australia by experienced designers who understand how to create timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

If you haven't had a piece from Pony Rider before, I highly suggest purchasing a few pieces as they will last the test of time and will always be unique, not everyone can get an original Pony Rider cushion from their limited editions collections, especially if I keep buying them ... eek!

Check out our collection HERE.

Highlander Cushions - Pony Rider

Pony Rider Cushions