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Winter By The Beach, Who Says It Can't Be Cosy?

June 04 2020 ‚Äď Jayne Graham

As we slowly return to the new normal, winter descends on us all.  Just as we want to escape the cabin fever at home and take that short break or entertain the kids on school holidays the months get cooler and nights get longer.

But, that doesn't stop my family from enjoying a coastal holiday as we love the beach in winter, and the best part for me is checking out all the winter interiors and homewares that come out to play.

We are very lucky living in Perth as it means we have access to the South West, Margaret River region.  Even though I am from QLD, I can say we are very loyal and biased about how beautiful this region really is! Not to mention the quality of the wine produced here.

Margaret River region


The kids and me at Wise Winery


Yallingup Beach


From left to right - Yallingup Beach | The kids and me at Wise Winery | Yallingup Beach. 

To be honest, I am a bit of a winter lover, don't get me wrong I love summer too but there is something comforting about winter by the ocean and cosying up around a fire after a long walk on the beach.  Not to mention the gorgeous sunsets, which provide beautiful moody photos and the best benefit of all is you can have fish and chips without feeling guilty and there's no parading around in your swimmers the next day, so you can indulge as much as you like.

So talking cosy and coastal, I thought I would do a bit of a blog on Uniqwa Furniture, Pony Rider and Al.ive Body.  Three brands we work closely with and ones that combined together make the cosiest winter interiors you could come across.  If I had that beachside shack I talk about all the time, the interior furnishings would embody these brands.

Why you may ask? Well, I love the coastal style of Uniqwa Furniture, their natural timbers, unique designs and softness of their products and Pony Rider adds a touch of adventure to any room and their designs and colourways are so unique, I haven't found anything similar in my time with Cranmore Home & Co.  Their stonewashed canvas cushions to canvas bedding add an edge of funkiness that I actually can't articulate very well, but their branding does -  We are lovers of the rugged outdoors, roaming ranges, vintage patterns and all things earthly.  And Al.ive Body, well that just adds a touch of class and botanical scent to the bathroom and kitchen, and who doesn't get dry skin in winter so having a gorgeous hand and body wash and lotion at your fingertips is just a must really!

So as I daydream about my beach shack I thought I would put together a few inspirational shots, so you can see what my vision for it would be - it would look a little something like this.

My Beach Shack Master Bedroom.

My bedroom in my beach shack will be a sanctuary for my husband and I.  One where we can chill out, hide if we need to from the kids and just be a couple!  I have always wanted the Uniqwa Strand Four Poster Bed in natural, so that is the first thing I will get for the shack!  Along with white log stool side tables for my pile of books and just enough room for my coffee cup.  The bedding will be the Pony Rider Wonderful Cushions in tan and donkey (yes that's the name of the blush colour) and matching canvas duvet set. Soft, cosy and so inviting! I do hope my beach shack has big windows opening out to a gorgeous ocean view, which means that I might just have to install one of Uniqwas Makeba hanging chairs!  To finish off the room, I think I might just install the Lili Tall pendants by the bedsides too. Oh I can just imagine falling asleep to the waves under my warm bedding and sleeping so well I don't get up until midday the next day.....


Pony Rider Wonderful Cushions


Uniqwa Strand Four Poster Bed in natural,


Uniqwas Makeba hanging chairs


Lili Tall pendants


My Beach Shack Kids Bedroom

For my two kids, I want something that is perfect for teenagers and makes them want to go to bed without me having to ask a thousand times.  I already know, from experience, from my son (as he has one already) that the Incy Interior Louis king single bed would be great in the shack, one each! The new the Mountain Calling range by Pony Rider (available soon) would look gorgeous on the bed and I may even have to include the Mountain Calling Wall Chart.  I don't think I would have too much else in this room as I really want it to be for sleeping and reading, and for the rest of the time we are at the shack, I want them out adventuring, not on devices! Oh and I would also definately have one of our gorgeous Paper Mill Studio handmade pendants in this room, maybe the looped basket in white!



My Beach Shack Living Room.

This is where we will spend most of our time, so I will need to set it up just perfect. I don't want a TV in this shack (ok maybe in the kid's room just in case I can't help myself with my Netflix addiction) to take us away from where we are, and I want it to be a place to relax, read, snooze and converse with friends over wine from the Margaret River region. In the living room, it would be inundated with Pony Rider cushions, including the stripes! I am known for my crazy cushion lady status and my beach shack would not be exempt and to me cushions mean cosy! By my log fire, I would have the Camps Bay Uniqwa Sofa and two Uniqwa Arniston Occasional Chairs, with the Uniqwa Takke coffee table right in the middle.  These provide the coastal style I love, but also the comfort so we can spend hours in this room!


Beach Shack Living Room


Camps Bay Uniqwa Sofa
Uniqwa Arniston Occasional Chairs


Pony Rider cushions


Uniqwa Takke coffee table


My Beach Shack Bathroom

So, the bathroom will need to have a bath! Winter without a bath for me, is like a vineyard without grapes, a disaster! So ideally a clawfoot bath with a simple cabinet and vanity would be fine.  The other must, are fluffy towels and luckily enough I know exactly which ones - Miss April Pom Pom Towels!  The other special ingredient is the Al.ive Body Hand and Body products.  These are a must and I think I would get one of each scent to have in the bathroom and kitchen. They are just divine.  The best thing too is that even though it is winter they provide a really refreshing tropical/botanical scent which provides a glimmer of summer in the middle of winter. And I can testify that the Hand & Body Wash is also great in the bath - best bubbles!

clawfoot bath with a simple cabinet



the Al.ive Body Hand and Body products


Pom Pom Towels


I really think I need to start saving my penny's so I can afford my beach shack one day and all the goodies I want in it! For now, I just have to stay in other peoples homes away from home and enjoy the fresh air and sand between my toes whilst rugged up in my warmest winter jacket.  I do love winter and I do love daydreaming as you can see.  But, if we couldn't daydream then what would we do with our imagination?

 Also if you have your own holiday home or beach shack get in touch as we would love to help you get it ready for winter!

I hope you have enjoyed taking this imaginary journey with me.

Love Jayne x