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Ranging from bright pops of colour to more subtle combinations of pastel tones, these limited edition prints by Antoinette Ferwerda are a beautiful addition to any space.

Antoinette's mixed media paintings are produced using the highest quality artisan products and processes.   Professional acrylic polymer paints, oil pastels, inks and layers of hand-cut and hand-painted collage are applied to the highest grade, cotton canvas.

Antoinette’s themes include abstract and metaphysical interpretations of life and the natural world, fossicking in rock pools, exploring the rolling hills of the countryside both here and abroad, and the magical light of a European summer.

Born in Melbourne, Antoinette Ferwerda is the oldest child of Dutch migrants whom from an early age, encouraged her artistic curiosity. Years later, the exploration of colour and the creative influences of nature, architecture and much more can be seen in the culmination of Antoinette Ferwerda’s thought-provoking collection of art work.

Get inspired and enhance your living space with a beautiful print from Antoinette Ferwerda. Shop our limited edition collection below.

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