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Bar Stools Australia

Finding the right bar stool for your home can be easy or a little tricky! Especially if you are looking for bar stools online in Australia.  I guess the key thing to think about is where are you placing these bar stools? In a bar area, under a kitchen bench or just as extra bar chair for your home?

To ensure you select the right bar stool online make sure you get the sizing correct.  Most bar chairs have two standard sizes - kitchen and bar, so make sure you measure  the floor to surface height where you will be placing these stools.  You should usually leave approx 30cm from the seat height of the bar stool to the underneath of the surface you are placing the stools near.  The other key thing to consider when choosing bar stools online is whether you want a back or not for your bar stools. Are these being used for a long period of time? Then a back and soft seat might just be a must to provide that little extra bit of support. 

Our bar stools online below, provide a variety of options with many different materials - timber, leather, rattan and more.  So how do you know which bar chair to choose if you don't already know? Look around the room that you are going to place your bar stools and see what other materials you already have in the room, and what is your style? You want complimentary materials.  If however the bar stool is the key feature for the room, then why not go for stylish and practical bar stools! Go light oak timber legs for coastal style homes, with white seats or rattan.  For a more contemporary look, try leather and timber and black seats - very classy! For a more rustic Farmhouse style why not go all timber?

If you are looking for outdoor bar stools online, then make sure the materials used are suitable for the outdoors, whether undercover or exposed.  Usually most outdoor bar stools online will provide information on whether a bar stool is suitable for outdoor use or not.

Whatever your style we do hope our site provides the confidence for you to purchase your bar stools online at Cranmore Home & Co.

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