Jessie's work is offbeat, quirky and full of wonder. Jessie's vibrant paintings evoke a sense of enchantment and fun providing light relief, a satisfying diversion from inescapable reality. She find ways to make her art more accessible but still unique by creating limited edition prints that she then bespoked so that each piece is one-of-a-kind. "I paint a lot of animals and I love colour so my work tends to be quite vibrant and cheerful. My work is quite accessible which means people feel comfortable gifting my art however the price points of my original paintings are obviously meant for those who want to collect. That's why I created my Limited Edition prints. I see them as my diffusion line to borrow a fashion term. Yes, I do believe true art can have mass appeal!"

Her desire for people to be able to hang her art on their walls rather than just view it from afar prompted her move towards the Limited Edition Prints.

Jessie Breakwell's Limited Edition prints range from $75 - $350 in price and are available in sizes from A4-A3.

Each print is a bespoke piece and hand-painted individually by Jessie.