Furniture Finder Service - Questions

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

We just need a few more questions answered to help us hone in on your perfect pieces.  Please use the message section below to answer the following (feel free to copy and paste the questions and answer next to the questions):


  • A list of items or item that you are looking for Ie. Sofa, buffet and 2 x side tables
  • Preferences on style i.e. Coastal, Contemporary
  • Colours i.e. neutrals, black and white, colourful, patterned
  • Size - provide any measurements or size specific i.e. King bed or 3 seater
  • Budget - estimate of your budget range.
  • What you don't like - this is also important too, so we can steer clear of any styles and colours you don't like.
  • Timeframe - when do you need your pieces?

Thanks so much, we look forward to helping you find those perfect pieces!