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Abstract Expressionist - Alisha Falconer, The Talent Behind The Paint Brush!

August 20 2020 – Jayne Graham

She is passionate, creative and loves colour and paint, fancy that! Welcoming Alisha Falconer, Abstract Expressionist, to our Collaborator Series. This time we have asked some new fun questions, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the read! 


Who is Alisha?

An Abstract Expressionist, Alisha Falconer is a West Australian artist. Finding inspiration in surrounding landscapes, flora, fashion and interiors, her pieces comprise of layers of paint, markings and textures from mixed mediums such as acrylic, ink and pastel. Alisha's artworks are infused with energy and emotion, focusing on the use of bold lines, shapes and contrasting colours that convey a sense of calm, balanced curiosity. 
Some Fun Facts....

1. What is your favourite Print from your collection and why– no pressure?

This is changing regularly! Particularly when you see them styled in different locations- they take on a new life!  From the get go I have been drawn to ‘Forever in Bloom’ I just love the detail and the layers of paint and textures that are created from the oil pastel.


2. What is your creative process to come up with a new piece?
It generally begins with either a colour palette or an image I have seen that connects with me. Usually it will be the way in which colour is used to balance a space. For instance when a room has been carefully put together with layers of furniture, cushions, throws, art, along with wall colour and the overall design of the room, this really interests me, and will set me in a creative direction. Or it could be as simple as the soft transition of colour in the petals of a flower or the layering’s of plantings in a garden. When you have a good composition of something, its that balance that intrigues me and I try to recreate that by designing a piece of art which could fit together with those elements.

3. Who are some of your other favourite artists or creatives that inspire you?

Gosh there are SO many!! I absolutely love seeing art, meeting other artists and hearing about their processes, I think there are things to learn and admire with all forms of art and how an artist works their craft.  Some favs would have to be Georgia O’Keefe for her botanical works, I adore Nunzio Miano for his bold portrait work, and then local artists such as Bec Juniper for her large scale aerial abstracts, with layer upon layer of texture and colour.


Nunzio Miano 


Georgia O'Keefe 

4. If you could live anywhere, describe where and your ideal house/home/country would be?

Ohh this is a tough one! I could definitely see us living in a large open plan house, the kind a kid could ride a bike through out to the yard and not damage easily haha. Kind of industrial modern with super high ceilings, polished concrete floors, and reclaimed timber throughout, huge comfortable couches and massive walls for bold investment art. The windows and doors would all cantilever so you could seamlessly walk inside and out, and the whole house would be full of natural light. I would ideally love a separate studio connected to the house that was a simple but generous space which mirrored the high ceilings and feel of the home. I think we would love to live down south, or possibly New Zealand one day, probably on a hill with an amazing view of the ocean!

5. What is your favourite Netflix/Stan/binge watch programme and why?

I love a bit of easy watching (some may call trash) tv for the ultimate down time where no thinking is required. So I watch things like The Bold Type, Styling Hollywood, Grace and Frankie, Dead to me. Recently I really liked Unorthadox and the Becoming Michelle doco too. Then there is always Grand Designs, which is a family favourite!


6. What do you love to do when you aren't painting?

Spend time with my partner and look after my nearly 4 year old Hugo, he keeps me on my toes! And try to catch-up with friends over some good food and wine!

7. What would you say is your spirit animal, and why?

Funnily enough I recently went to see Jessica Colvin, who is an energy healer, and a dog kept appearing, which she thought could have been my spirit animal! So I'll have to say this!

8. If you could invite anyone to dinner to have your favourite meal who would be around your table and why (you have 5 seats)?

Well obviously it would always be family and my close friends. So If it was people I hadn’t met before, that are living, I would say;

Heather Day, Artist, incredible artist in the states that produces bold abstracts, but also works with a heap of businesses, including google on some amazing projects, I’d love to chat about her approach to art as a business and how her practice has grown.  Lucy Feagins, The Design Files, to chat all things Australian design. Iris Apfel- living legend, I love her bold approach to life, her style and her attitude. Beyonce, her Homecoming documentary inspired my collaboration last year, I’d love to just have a down to earth chat about her life, and can you imagine if she broke out in song?  Michelle Obama, because- amazing, she is incredibly inspiring.



9. What is something that not many people know about you (that you are happy to share 😊)

I am always cold! I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis, so if you see me in a puffer jacket on a sunny day, don’t be dismayed!

10. What wise words would you give a younger version of yourself?

"Put yourself out there, go bold, paint big pictures , try new things, and paint everyday. I was lucky to be told this when I was about 12, a neighbour of ours, who would have been in her 60’s said that you should never stop painting or you’ll loose it, so that has stuck with me." Alisha Falconer.

Thank you so much Alisha for answering our fun facts!  I'm going to come and visit in your new home one day - sounds amazing :) and I hope you don't mind the spirit animal pic, it just made me think of you - one big smile!!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Alisha a little better! Now you must go and check out her collection of Art prints HERE.

Jayne x