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Brand Spotlight Bedtonic - Bedding & Loungewear

September 17 2020 – Jayne Graham

Introducing one of our long standing partners - Bedtonic -  "European linen bedding & loungewear designed for you to live your best life".

At Cranmore Home & Co we only have a selection of bedding options, and only one supplier that specialises in Linen - Bedtonic.  We have been stocking Bedtonic linen for a few years now and I can also hand on heart say it is on two of our beds at home and we love it!  Linen is perfect for every season.  I am a true believer that once you have slept in linen you won't sleep in anything else!

Also the colour options and reversible duvet covers that Bedtonic provide are just divine.  What is super is exciting too is that we now stock their Linen Loungwear!
Whoop whoop! So really, you don't need to take the linen off at all - keep it on day and night!



So, I thought I would share a litte bit about Julie Ramsay the Founder with you and more about the gorgeous products.  It is actually a funny story the first day that I met Julie because we didn't actually meet, she stood me up! I was waiting at a gorgeous little coffee shop here in Perth and 10 minutes past, then 15 and then 20 and I thought ... hmmm do I call, text??  To be honest I can't remember what I did, except enjoyed the coffee shop as I hadn't been to this one before, and then went back to the office! 

Julie was super embarrassed but I didn't care as I knew this was a sign for how busy she was!!  We then met a week later and now catch up regularly for a good old chin wag about business and life! And can I say, she hasn't forgotten me since! Ha! 

I'm sure she is mortified that I have written about this, but Julie, you introduced me to The Little Pantry, I have to thank you immensely for that!  Anyway I digress...


Julie, is originally from a small town called Lake Wanaka in NZ.  She has spent time on a farm, won small business awards by opening a drive thru (coffee van) in Broome and  moved back to Perth in 2013 to be closer to family, and that is where the creative idea of Bedtonic was created. Julies mum was a seamstress, so she was surrounded by textiles and learnt to sew at an early age.

She has always loved natural textures and fibres and one of her most favourite places, is her bed (who doesn't love the sanctuary of your own bed), so these passions lead her to where she is today - designing and creating linen bedding and loungewear.  We have also asked Julie to complete our Fun Facts which you can read on our other blog here!  I really want to be a dinner guest at her table!!

Bedtonic have a lovely range of Bed sheets, Duvet Sets, Blankets and Loungewear.  Bedtonics colour palette for both bedding and loungewear is a mixture of soft earthy colours and bright colours inspired by nature. 

Bedtonic's items also comes in an array of sizing to fit most beds and bodies! You will be hard pressed to make a decision on which pieces to purchase! What I can tell you though is that you will not be dissapointed with any! They are all soft, cosy and you won't want to get out of bed or your loungewear!

Check out our full Bedtonic collection here.




Bedtonic design all of their bedding and loungewear in Western Australia.  The bedding and some loungewear is made offshore, but most recently Bedtonic have started designing and making some of their loungeware items here in Western Australia which is exciting. 

Bedtonic work closely with their pattern maker to design effortlessly stylish comfortable pieces of exceptional quality, with a strong environmental ethos. All of their pieces are designed to last the test of time! You wont be able to stop at just one piece.



Why Linen?

I also get asked quite frequently "what is so good about Linen"?  Well Bedtonic help us answer this too!

1. Pure linen is cool in summer and warm in winter. Pure linen is thermoregulating, these fabrics allow air to flow around your body while you sleep.

2. It’s great for allergy sufferers. Pure linen bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so it’s great for anyone who suffers from allergic rhinitis or skin sensitivity.  I can vouch for this too as my son gets hayfever quite badly and since we changed his sheets to linen, it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem at night!

3. It’s incredibly durable.  Linen is an incredibly old natural fibre; its use dates back over 12,000 years!  Pure linen fibre is twice as strong as cotton. The quality of linen is measured in weight, unlike cotton and bamboo which uses a thread count measure. The naturally smooth fibres resist pilling too. 

4. Pure linen is a sustainable product.  Flax is a renewable resource. The cultivation of flax requires far less water than other crops such as cotton. Very few pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic chemicals are required in its production, and the entire crop is used to make products such as linseed oil and linoleum as well as fabric. Pure linen is also both biodegradable and recyclable!

5. It feels so great to sleep in and wear!  Linen has a low lustre and a fabulously luxurious natural texture. Bedtonics bedding range is specially stonewashed in small batches, making it super-soft against your body from your very first sleep! The Loungewear is just as gorgeously soft!

So if you have ever considered linen or have always loved linen, I would highly recommend checking out our Bedtonic collection! Locally Australian and gorgeous quality!