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Linen Lover and Textile Designer - Bedtonics' Julie Ramsay

September 17 2020 – Jayne Graham

Julie is the Founder and designer behind Bedtonic, our only Linen supplier on Cranmore Home & Co.  Her bedding and Loungewear is just gorgeous. So we wanted to share some fun facts about Julie, so you can get to know her a little better.  Grab your cuppa and enjoy getting to know Julie a little bit better.

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Fun Facts About Julie Ramsay.


What is your favourite piece from your collection and why– no pressure 😊?  

As much as I love it ALL I have to say sleeping ’ in’ linen is the ultimate luxury so I’m currently loving our dusky rose sheets.

What is your creative process to come up with a new piece?  

I am usually working a season ahead with our colour palette so for the bedding it’s a matter of creating mood boards. For the loungewear I work with my seamstress here in Western Australia. It is a process; concept, design, sample, re sample and finally the pattern is drafted when we are happy, then into production. 

If you could live anywhere, describe where and your ideal house/home/country would be?  

Oh goodness that’s easy – I’m a bush or a beach girl! A sustainable cabin designed by Whispering Smith Architects. Small footprint / big on space.


(Cortes Cottage #2 by Whispering Smith Architects.)

What is your favourite Netflix/stan/binge watch programme and why?  

Just finished the last episode of Ozark. Loved the suspense. Then for some laughs it’s hands down Schitt’s Creek.



What do you love to do when you are not working on Bedtonic? 

Walking, sharing a meal, wine and laughs out with friends, weekends away in a nice Airbnb.

What would you say is your spirit animal, and why?

Horse - passion and drive.

If you could invite anyone to dinner to have your favourite meal who would be around your table and why (you have 5 seats)?  

Urzila Carlson, Julia Morris, my hubby, David Attenborough, Bradley Cooper. Love, laughter, wisdom and eye candy!  Julie also mentioned Prince Harry for Royal gossip so I let her bring 6!



What is something that not many people know about you (that you are happy to share 😊

 I designed the dinosaur in the park at Lake Wanaka in 1974 when I was 10 years old. It was a competition run by the Lions Club to design an adventure playground and I won an instamatic camera.


What wise words would you give a younger version of yourself?  

Don’t be afraid of the times in life that aren’t going how you wished - We learn in the hollows. Life is like the ocean equally beautiful in a storm.

Thanks so much Julie for completing these for us! Always love to get to know our partners a little better!