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Bedtonic Bedding

Bedtonic Bedding

Bedtonic bedding is the perfect choice for our harsh Australian climate. It is a natural thermo regulating fabric which allows air to flow around your body while you sleep. This is in part because linen fibres are hollow grass like straws as opposed to cotton fibres which are dense.

Linen is natural fibre that is both sustainable, good for the planet and good for you! It uses very few pesticides and fertilisers during cultivation making it a healthy choice for those suffering skin allergies. It also uses very little water compared to the production of cotton as it's grown in natural high rainfall regions.

The oldest fabric known to man, linen dates back over 12,000 years. They even wrapped mummies in it. Once known as the noble fibre, it was only afforded by noblemen and aristocrats. Back then it was a long process from seed to store but now thanks to modern machinery this process has been sped up. 

Linen has a low lustre and a natural texture. The quality of your linen is in it's weight. Linen quality is measured by grams per square metre as apposed to thread count used in cotton and bamboo. Our bedding and loungewear is 175gsm which is the optimum for bedding.

Bedtonic linen has been soft washed making it luxuriously soft from your first sleep. It will not only feel amazing to sleep in, it will add a laid back sophistication to your bedroom with it's understated elegance.

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