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Brand Spotlight - Lazybones Australia - Vintage Inspired Homewares and Fashion.

May 06 2020 – Jayne Graham

A fresh and whismical approach to designing clothing and homewares is how Lazybones describe themselves.

Whismical is definitely the right word, as I was just looking at their website to confirm a few things for this blog and ended up scrolling through, completely distracted, and bought one of their dresses!  I really have an addiction to shopping, but at least I can say I love our brands too!

The Aika Dress in Culicue Organic Cotton that I just bought .

About Lazybones.

Lazybones was created back in 2000 in the gorgeous town of Bangalow, just outside of the beach town of Byron Bay in NSW.  They now have a store in Brunswick Heads (another beautiful part of the world) which sells all of their gorgeous vintage inspired homewares and fashion. Led by Founder and Creative Director Tracey Hocking, there is a small team working quietly behind the scenes to create gorgeous products for all of us to enjoy.

What I love about Lazybones is their vintage inspired designs and quirky prints, delicate embroidery and jacquard knitwear, all which has been brought together in timeless designs and colours. Some people may think... embroidery.. that's what my Nan does, but the way that Lazybones has brought this into their bedding provides are real modern farmhouse country vibe, which just makes you want to style your own country cabin! One ideally in the hinterland at Byron Bay. or in a wooden cabin in Tassie by the water, or a coastal shack on the dunes of Margaret River ... see whismical .. I have just started day dreaming again!


The Sampler Duvet Cover | Intricate hand embroidery.

Lazybones Bedding

We have been proudly stocking many of the Lazybones bedding items for years now - Rosette Quilts, The Sampler Duvet Sets, Safri sheet sets and a will be welcoming a new quilt design (soon to be released) very soon, and I can tell you now they are all super popular.  I may even have one of the Indigo Rosette Quilts on my daughters bed.  I saw it, felt it and fell in love! So did she! Whoops there I go again buying the items I am meant to sell to my customers (cue palm to forehead!), but I think this is true testament to the products we stock as I wouldnt want to sell anything I wouldn't want to keep for myself! The Rosette Quilts have a recycled polyester filling and 100% organic cotton jersey outer which makes it super soft and really cosy.  The Rosette in my opion is really pretty and adds a touch of romance and a layer of boho chic to a room design.


Indigo Rosette Quilt | Rosette Round Cushion | White Rosette Quilt.

The vintage inspired sheet sets are also gorgeous ! The prints and colours are inspired by nature and floral botanics. They are also well matched with the Rosette bedding (again I can vouch for that!).  We have the Safi in stock, which has pretty yellow flowers with blue and green leaves on an off white base and it is just divine. Lazybones Australia also do lovely kids size bedding.  You can get the Rosette quilts in a twin but they also do cot quilts and sheets to match.


Safi Sheet Sets

Not Just Bedding..

They also design and produce wall hangings or as they are technically called Garlands.  If you want to have a truly different type of art on your walls then you need to check these out.  Botanics, Australian fauna, ballerinas and abtract designs inspire these 3m long Garlands.  They feature small nippets of textile designs that read as tiny works of art.  All handmade here in Australia.


Ballerina Garland | Earthy Pinks Garland | Ecology Garland

Another reason we love Lazybones.

Another reason we love Lazybones is their commitment towards sustainable and ethical practices.  Their designs are created here in Australia, but are made in fair trade factories in India and Bali and they continue to use organic and eco fabrics.  They have both GOTS and Sedex certified factories and use BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) fabrics in most of their products.  You can find out about all of their sustainability and suppliers on their website 

So, if you are looking for vintage inspired bedding (or fashion) you really must get to know Lazybones Australia and you won't be disappointed.  To find out more about the creative behind the scenes (Tracey Hocking) click here to read a few Fun Facts or if you would like to scroll through our Lazybones collection click here.

Enjoy and I bet you find it hard to choose which item you might put in your shopping cart today. Good Luck. Jayne x