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Meet The Creative Mind Behind Lazybones - Tracey Hocking. Inspired By All Things Vintage.

May 05 2020 – Jayne Graham

Welcome to Collaborator Series number 4. This series introduces you to the lovely Tracey Hocking, the Creative Designer and business owner of the beautiful homewares and fashion brand;


I had the pleasure of meeting her, in person, at a trade show earlier this year, and knew I had to do one of these collaborator series with her because her designs and products are so unique and who doesn't love vintage inspired designs, I know I do! 

To find out more about the unique collection of bedding that she designs, and we stock, check out our Brand Spotlight here.  But, before you do that, grab a cuppa first and have a quick read of Tracey's top ten fun facts!  We love to share a little bit of what makes our designers tick.

Top Ten Facts About Tracey.

1. What is your favourite Lazybones Range (or product) and why?

Oh dear.  I love the rosette bedding because it has given me such an incredible journey.  Starting with making it in Bali and then India and selling it around the world.  I love how soft and comfy it is too and was so excited when we were able to transition to making them from organic cotton.  I really love the garlands and cushions we released recently too.  I designed them over Christmas while feeling so worried about our flora and fauna and the whole planet really.   Little did I realise how much everything would change.  I also love that we are making these items in Australia.  And I always love the next clothing range the most.  While it is still so fresh and exciting and hasn’t been spoiled by the grim reality of production.


2. What is your creative process to come up with a new range?

I usually come up with an overall theme – this year is botany and the natural world – with apparel, I then find a muse usually on Pinterest and then start thinking about what she would wear – and what I what I think our customer like to wear too.   Then start with lots of ideas and gradually edit them down.   That’s pretty much the same for bedding too, although I would swap out the muse for a colour scheme or place or era.


3. What are some of your other favourite furniture and homewares brands?

Anthropologie of course.  I have to say I only buy vintage furniture so I currently love Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and Ebay and even Gumtree sometimes.  I don’t tend to buy new furniture.  I love Good Studios hemp linen bedding and also Spence and Lynda recycled plastic bottle lamps.



4. If you could live anywhere, describe where and your ideal house/country would be?

I would live in the Byron Bay hinterland on 46 acres.  Wait.  I already live there!  I would love to build a new house though.  I am craving a simple, open space with large windows, patterned encaustic tile floors and amazing furniture from all different eras. 

5. What is your favourite TV bing programme and why?

I recently loved Unorthodox but don’t watch many programmes.  I am a podcast person.  That way I can keep making things.

6. What is your favourite book?

I dont have a favourite. I love many.

7. What is your favourite holiday desination and why?

Melbourne – to visit old friends, eat great food and drink good coffee and because it was where I went when I first left home to go to Art School and had the best time. 

8. If you could invite anyone to dinner to have your favourite meal who would be around your table and why?

Pema Chodron (American Philosopher), my husband Stephen, my dear friend Suzy, Lemn Sissay (British Poet, author and broadcaster), Patti Smith (American Singer Song Writer).  Now, that would be interesting.


9. What is something that not many people know about you (that you are happy to share).

I used to do stand up comedy a long time ago

10. What wise words would you give a younger version of yourself?

RELAX, breathe. Start yoga you will be glad you started early.


Thank you so much Tracey, it is always lovely to get to know our designers and brand partners a little more.  I would love to be a guest at your table for dinner and live in Byron.. I'm slightly jealous! We love Lazybones Australia and I hope our readers do too!

If you would like to find out all about their beautiful fashion as we currently don't stock fashion, check out you will love it!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Collaborator Series. Jayne x