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Brand Spotlight - Mustard.

February 05 2020 – Jayne Graham

Spotto! Funky lockers in awesome colours and so many versatile sizes!

Mustard was created by two amazing sisters, and has taken the interiors world by storm.  Becca (Co-Founder) has always loved vintage lockers and wanted to put a modern spin on them, and so after many many months of research and trials, Mustard was born.  It also may have had something to do with finding a way to work with her sister Jess (other Co-Founder), who lives on the other side of the world in London,UK.  This business was something that they could both be passionate about, so they combined forces and haven't looked back.

With one in London and the other in Newcastle, Australia, these two sisters don't get to be in the one place at the same time very often, and I really admire how they are managing such a successful operation from two seperate parts of the world.  They truly deserve a small business medal, and a sisterhood one really, as I am not sure how well I could work with my sister, as much as I love her dearly, even with the entire continent of Australia between us (sorry sis if you are reading this!)

Skinny in Mustard      

Mustard are one of our most popular products here at Cranmore Home & Co, everyone loves them! And why wouldn't you when there were so many options.  The best thing about Mustard, I believe, is the variety of colours.  These days many people opt for neutrals and whites but not with these lockers, no way.  Becca and Jess really nailed the colour options!

Mustard started with their ever popular Skinny and Shorty lockers, in six colours - Slate, White, Olive, Mustard, Navy and Blush.

Shorty in different colours  Skinny in different colours

I currently have 3 of the Mustard lockers in my own home, and I'm sure I will keep adding to the collection.  I have one Olive Shorty in my son's room with a matching Olive Skinny.  They have been perfect for all his reading books in the shorty by his bed, and he hangs his school uniform in the Skinny (on the removable rail), and all the other crazy school stuff he needs - bags, shoes, swimmers etc go on the shelves. 

The best part is he can close the door, lock it, and it looks super tidy, even if inside it isn't the case!  My other Shorty is white and sits in my home office and keeps wanting to have a friend next to it .. maybe blush or slate, not sure yet as they are both our brand colours! Anyway, back o Mustard ...

Midway through 2019, Mustard introduced two new colours and sizes.  Berry and Ocean, and the Midi and the Lowdown! Perfect additions to the Locker family.

Mustard Made in Berry Mustard Made in Ocean Design

These were such a great success! The Lowdown and Midi provided that extra bit of versatility and we started to see lockers being placed in the living spaces of homes and more offices too, as each locker has a cable hole in the back (clever!). I have had a few shops purchase them for shop fit outs too, so really there is currently a size which fits any room and functionality.  And, if you like to be super organised the matching baskets are a must.

Mustard Made Baskets Interior of a mustard made locker

So, not only do the lockers look good, there are some really cool features too. 

They are magnetic! So you can put school timetables, pretty pics or whatever you like on the doors with magnets! If you are like my son and an AFL footy fan, it is the best place for the magnetic ALF footy ladder magnet!  Inside the door of the Skinnys and Shortys you can find a hook, perfect for belts, ties, a mirror or jewellery!

Each locker has a matching keyring which is super handy and makes these lockable, which is great in an office!

And, these lockers also come flat packed (super easy to assemble and they have great videos here to help), but what this really means is that shipping and delivery fees are kept super low!

Lowdown in Mustard Design Bedroom Interior Design with Mustard Made Locker Midi in Blue 

I think the only challenging thing, about Mustard is choosing the colour.  The colour palette they have come up with means they are all great and makes choosing really difficult.

Also, if you want more than one, choosing two colours ... OMG .. decisions, decisions, decisions!  I actually don't think there is one combination that doesn't go well together to be honest. So I would recommend giving yourself a bit of time when choosing your Mustard lockers as I can guarantee you will change your mind a few times if you are wanting a selection.  Half the fun though, isn't it!

  Skinny in white and mustard Mustard Made Colour Variations  Skinny with items inside

To find out more about Becca, head over to our Cranmore Home & Co Collaborator Series, where I have asked her some personal questions so we can get to know one of the Co-Founders of Mustard a little better! 

As you will see, she is just as much fun as her funky lockers! Enjoy.

Image Credits to: Zoe Lonergan and Bronte Godden.