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Brand Spotlight - Oh Happy Home Rugs and Homewares (Ohh)

April 03 2020 ‚Äď Jayne Graham

Introducing - Oh Happy Home Affectionately Known as Ohh.

Amy Eaton

Isn't that what we are all chasing? A happy home, full of life, laugher and love. 

"With every stitch we make the world a happier and more colourful place to call home" These are the wise words of Amy Eaton, the Founder of Ohh!

Amy is a¬†dream weaver, child delighter and imagination merchant. Her¬†goal is simple ‚Äď to make products that are beautiful, magical and made to last.

Ohh seeks to bring warmth, comfort and a little fun to every room. They have designed a range of homewares, rugs, cushions, mats and washable rugs for the entire home. They get what it's like to have a family with messy kids and have designed their products around this, they even have washable rugs!

  Pink Sahara Rug    Japser Knit Rug Ohh  Little Bling Cushions

Photo (Left) Pink Sahara Rug | Photo (Middle) Little Bling Cushions | Photo (Right) Jasper Knit Rug

Ohh are a family run business based in Western Australia. To be precise Amy, the head honchette, is based in Albany (South West of WA - for those that don't know) and they have a fabulous showroom in Subiaco, Perth, where the gorgeous Danielle manages the day to day operations. Amy moved to Albany only last year and does the 4 hour drive up to the showroom regularly, now that is committment! Albany is a gorgeous part of the world, one I could easily hide away in! Anyway I digress..

Lets Talk Ohh Rugs..

Some children think that rugs are made by Elves, who stitch together rainbows, and the truth is just as magical. The Ohh rugs are handmade in Nepal and India, whose ancestors have been making rugs since prehistoric times. Ohh work very closely with each supplier ensuring fair trade practices are followed. They are passionate about fair trade and sustainability and that is one of the reasons why we love their products so much.

Ohh products¬†don't only look amazing but are of the highest standard.¬†They are committed to helping families in Nepal and India and are accredited by GoodWeave¬ģ. Which means Ohh¬†ensure their rugs are made by adult artisans, not children. GoodWeave¬†is ending child labour and offering educational opportunities to children in the carpet weaving communities.¬†

You can read a gorgeous blog of Amy's first trip to India back in 2017 on their website, its really interesting and makes me want to go! It also provides a great snapshot of the amazing suppliers and weavers that Ohh work with. You will also find on her blog some other great tips on the best sizes of rugs for your home and some great rug styling tips. 

Amy is a skilled designer with a degree in fine arts in textiles and is super passionate about making homes happy places! And you can see this throughout the designs.

The Washable Rugs - A Work of Art For Your Floor!

The washable rugs have been so popular on Cranmore Home & Co, and it isn't hard to understand why. They look good and they can be thrown in the washing machine at home or taken to the laundromat. High-Five I say to that, being a mum with two messy kids, even when I say "no food in your rooms" they don't listen! I have the Cotton Going Dotty Rug in my daughters room and have washed this many times at home with great results!

They are perfect for high traffic areas, homes with pets, kids bedrooms, you name it really, anywhere that you need comfort underfoot and don't want to worry about who is going to walk all over it!

The cotton hand tufted rugs are also completely chemical free, so are great for any allery sufferers.

 Cotton Berber Going dotty  Cotton Berber Pink  Cotton Berber Black

Photo (Left) Going Dotty Black | Photo (Middle) Cotton Berber Pink | Photo (Right) Cotton Berber Black.

Tribal Design - Handloomed Woolen Rugs

This collection has a real tribal/boho feel about them. The yarns used have a beautiful vintage look. Each rug is handwoven in India. These images from Ohh show a talented weaver at work, so clever!

Talented Weaver at Work      Talented Weaver in India

Adilah means 'honest and just" in Morocco, just like the process Ohh takes with it's rugs - full transparency from the yarn making to the weaving to the final cutting washing. This rug is made from 100% New Zealand wool and each piece is masterfully handwoven on a handloom by the Ohh weavers.The Cherry Rust colour is soft and romantic. It also comes in a hallway runner that looks stunning.

Adilah Cherry Rust Wool Rug Adilar - Cherry Rust Wool Rug  Adilar | Cherry Rust Wool Rug

Photos: Adilah Cherry Rust Wool Rugs

Mari is a Turkish and Moroccan inspired design with a wool and viscose blend and is ethically made on a handloom. 100% New Zealand wool, and with a blue colour it provides a coastal feel that provides a warm tone for any colour palette. It's a super cute option in a boys room too!

Mari Ohh Rug    Mari Wool Rug  Ohh Mari Wool Rug

Photos: Mari Wool Rug

Maleek is a gorgeous monochome rug. If you are a black and white design lover then you will love this rug! Or if have a preference for sophistcated boho or scandi then you will love this rug too! 100% New Zealand wool, hand loomed in India.

Maleek Ohh Rug Ohh Maleek Rug  Ohh Maleek Monochrome Rug

Turchia is actually the orginal name of Turkey. This mix of Turkish and Moroccan inspired wool and viscose blend provides a gorgeous handwoven rug. The taupe colour provides a soft warm ambience whilst staying true to the unique tribal design. This one is quite a neutral colour allowing it to be matched with many different pieces and colours, whilst still providing a striking design piece if on it's own. 

Turchia Ohh Rug Ohh Turchia Runner Rug  Ohh Turchia Rug 

Round Rugs - Braided and Dotty!

Round rugs are something of a trend at the moment. Placed under round dining tables, in offices under chairs, used in the living rooms to break up spaces just to name a few popular choices. The best thing however, about Ohh round rugs, is that their Braided range are reversible and come in a range of colours and sizes. These are also made from 100% New Zealand wool and are hand braided and then stitched together with beautiful craftmanship by their master weavers. They do also come in rectangle sizes too. 

One new and exciting round rug though is the Dotty in round! Yes I said it, the Dotty in round. It will be available soon, we are just waiting on the shipment to arrive!

Braided Round - available in Taupe Granite and Midnight.

Braided Ohh Rugs    Round Going Dotty   Ohh Braided Round Rug 

Photo (left & right) Braided Taupe Round | Photo (Middle) Round Dotty.

Sneak Peak at The New Collection - Siesta

The Siesta Collection is on it's way to our store too! Check out these gorgeous cotton rugs inspired by the sunset or sunrise, depending on which way you look at it! Matching wall hangings to!


Wrap Up..

The best thing about Ohh is their passion for design and also working with amazing artisans across Nepal and India. There really is a lovely story behind the business and this is captured in Amy's blogs beautifully. We have also asked Amy to complete some fun facts about herself, so you can get to know the designer behind Ohh in a little more detail. So check our our other "Cuppa with Jayne" blog, where we ask Amy fun facts about herself!

You also know that you are going to get something unique from Ohh as Amy's designs are fresh and creative with each one being individually handloomed, meaning, each one is different. The full Ohh collection can be found on our website and we do hope you love them as much as we do. 

Enjoy. Jayne x 


Image Credits: Oh Happy Home, Siba Interiors, Team Tonkin