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Brand Spotlight - Peggy Sue - An Ethical Brand Cultivating a Community That Slows Down With Beautiful Moments of Self Care.

June 02 2021 ‚Äď Jayne Graham

Welcome to our first Lifestyle Collection Collaborator Series!

I have been wanting to add a new collection to Cranmore Home & Co for a while now that showcases products for you and not just your home! So as our boutique brands started to have products that fell into this category I was super original and put one together and called it our Lifestyle Collection (creative right!). This collection will still continue to embrace our values of showcasing boutique Australian brands, and we are excited to see it grow over the next few months!  It will showcase accessories, gourmet goodies, maybe fashion and one of the areas I was super keen to expand was self care beauty products and just by chance Peggy Sue got in contact, talk about serendipity! 

So it just made sense to make my first Collaborator Series for our Lifestyle Collection on Peggy Sue!

Peggy Sue is an ethical brand cultivating a community that slows down with beautiful moments of self-care. It is run by women, for women.

All of their gorgeous products are made right here in Australia, and their aim is to help you feel beautiful and loved, the natural way.

I also read these words from Shanah that I resonated with when it comes to self-care and it made me love this brand that little bit more. I am definitely not someone that worries about how I look all the time, but lately just having a small skin care routine every morning has made a little difference to how I feel!

"Self care for us has had nothing to do with vanity. Self care routines can be such a beautiful moment where you stop and recenter yourself. Through all the stresses of life, your skin can often cop it the hardest, which is why forming a regular skincare ritual, using natural skin loving products, is so beneficial to not only your skin, but to your mind and overall well being."  Shanah Baxter, Founder Peggy Sue.

Vitamin C Glow Kit

We have decided to start with stocking their Bath Brew Pockets (slightly biased as I am a bath lover), Beauty Oil Trio, Vitamin C Glow Kits and Silk Lip  Kits.

So let me tell you about the Bath Brew Pockets!! I always like to ensure I try our products before we sell them (It's called market research! I tell hubby that anyway, but it is true!) and I tested the Milk Bath Brew Pocket last night as I love a good soak and oh my it was divine! 

Talk about a silky smooth feeling when I got out. I was also zen for a good 20 minutes before my kids found me! It was perfect as the rain was pouring outside so I couldn't hear the footy on the TV, so it was just me and the infusing of botanical goodness!


Peggy Sue Bath Brew Pockets

These biodegradable Bath Brew Pockets come in three different blends and each box contains 3 x 50g tea bags!

Milk Bath Brew - coconut milk, oats, cocoa butter, epsom salt, Lavender and so much more!

Blue Bath Brew - butterfly pea flower, coconut milk powder, cocoa butter, aloe vera, epsom salt and so much more!

Clay Bath Brew - pink clay, goji berries, cocoa butter, epsom salt and so much more! 

When you are ready to detox your skin, soothe and relax muscle tension and just give yourself a whole lot of love just follow these simple steps!

1. Place 1 tea bag into the bath under the warm running water

2.  Gently squeeze the bag to release the botanical essence

3. Relax and soak for as long as you want!

Bet, you feel like taking a bath now!  I know I do!

Peggy Sue Bath Brew Pockets


Another gorgeous bath and body product we stock is the Beauty Oil Trio.  These encompass unique and beautiful essential oil blends that provide nourishment for your skin!  They are perfect for all over body use to moisturise or add a few drops to your bath! Yes there is the bath word again!

As it is also comes in a gorgeous box of 3 it is the perfect present for that special someone!  The team at Peggy Sue also donate $5 from every Beauty Oil Trio sold to Destiny Rescue, an organisation committed to rescuing children from sex slavery!! 

Peggy Sue are also incredibly passionate about their role in caring for this beautiful earth, which is why they strive to be a brand that is as natural and sustainable as possible.  All of their products are organic, and packaged in solid printed glass bottles. They intend these bottles to be a one off purchase by offering product refills, in their efforts to fight the war on waste. 

Two other self care kits that we now stock include the Silk Lips and Glow Vitamin C Duo, my daughter keeps eyeing of both and now that she has a job I keep letting her know that she can buy as much as she likes! 

The Silk Lips kit contains a lip exfoliant which uses sugar to naturally remove dry, flakey skin, while the circular motion you use to apply it increases the blood circulation leaving your lips looking plump and ready for the lip conditioner! This is also another great gift! If you can handle giving it to someone else rather than keeping it for yourself!

Now if you love face masks then you will love the Vitamin C Glow Kit which is the ultimate skincare kit and feels a little like you have a day spa at home! It includes a Pink Dragonfruit Face Mask and application brush which will provide a deep clean and then after you have washed that off you can apply the Vitamin C Face Serum which is formulated to brighten, hydrate and firm your skin.  All from natural products!

Silk Lip Kit

Peggy Sue want to offer indulgent beauty for you, while preserving beauty in the world around us. These are beautiful products that help you start your day right and feel beautiful all through the day.

On that note, I think it is time for me to go and do some self caring and not make dinner for the family! Bath time then dinner time ... or maybe Uber Eats, that's self care too right!

I do hope you enjoyed learning more about our new brand Peggy Sue and as always we have done some fun facts on the Founder Shanah over in our Fun Facts Blog, so click HERE if you are keen to find out more about the driving force behind Peggy Sue.

I hope you enjoyed the read, Jayne x