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Brand Spotlight - Cranmore Home & Co.

February 15 2021 – Jayne Graham

Well it's not everyday you get to write about yourself, and to be honest I'm not a big fan, but thought it was time to properly introduce myself.  So under the guise of our Collaborator Series I thought I would introduce myself and provide some fun facts too! Ok so maybe I always wanted to complete these myself as I constantly think about who would be at my dinner table!

I took over Cranmore Home & Co. just over 2 year ago after completing an interior design course with the Interior Design Academy.  The interiors industry has always been a love of mine since I was young.  I would always be cutting out pages from the IKEA & Freedom brochures and designing mood boards and I would change up my own bedroom most months. I even painted my bedroom cornices a moody dark green when I was about 16, and it's still there to this day in the family home.  It may also contain a ceiling of glow in the dark stars (so 80's)!  And, still to this day I am constantly changing up our house, rearranging the furniture, just ask hubby, he always rolls his eyes at me!

It did however take me over 20 years to realise that I could turn my passion for interiors into a business, and hence the take over of Cranmore Home & Co in late 2018.  I was in marketing and fundraising for most of those years and most probably had a mid life crisis early 2018 and decided I needed to do something new. That something new was buying a business! I realised after doing the Interior Design Academy course that my passion really was in sourcing products and running businesses rather than the actual interior design side of things so that is why I decided on buying a retail business.  Don't get me wrong, I loved each module of the course and sketching room layouts and designing mood boards, but the real buzz comes every time I find a new product or brand I think my customers will love!  I do have to stop myself every time from buying my own products though, but when I do get that buzz it makes me realise I know I am onto a good thing! 

 I live in an old colonial bungalow with great character, so I do believe it is my duty as an interiors industry professional, that I keep my own home looking good at all times with on trend homewares and furniture, for the sake of my business!  (That last line was written with tongue in cheek and hoping my husband isn't looking over my shoulder or reading this). Here's a little sneak peek of inside our home.




Back to Cranmore Home & Co ... My key focus is boutique brands! Not ones you can find in the bigger stores, either ones that have their own shop or need that extra help to get their products noticed.  I love Australian designed and made, but also understand that many of my partners are unable to manufacture in Australia, just yet, but a handful do! 

Some of our partners like, Pony Rider are Australian designed and they have a flagship store on the northern beaches in Sydney, their stuff is definitely unique and their designs and textiles used are fab.  The Paper Mill Studios are also another brand that we help promote as the pendant maker Emma Mills does not have a website as she is busily making her pendants!  Mustard Made are a customer favourite as their products and colours are so versatile, Uniqwa Furniture - if you love beachy vibes then you have to check these out.  They can only be purchased via a stockist and not direct with them! Al.ive Body products, Pop Up Desks and all of our other brands are selected to ensure they match our values and brand.

I also love to help our trade partners find products for their projects, that's where the geek in me loves putting together quotes in excel spreadsheets and ensuring their products get to them on time (most of the time, damn you COVID!).



So, a little bit more about me personally...

Before Cranmore Home & Co, I held several senior marketing positions including State Partnerships Manager for the Starlight Children’s Foundation - (LOVED this job and still love Starlight), Managing Partner of an advertising agency in Brisbane (very fast paced and great in my 20's pre children) and Head of Marketing at Lincolnshire Tourism in the UK (Best gig ever!).  

I am an army brat and moved around a lot when I was a kid (UK, PNG to name a few countries) and settled with the fam in Brisbane, which I called home for many years (high school and uni). I now live in Perth, WA and have been here close to 10 years and love it! Beautiful part of the world, for anyone that knows nothing about Perth you should check it out!


I am currently the CEO, CFO, Head of HR, Head of logistics and every other part of the business, and also a mum to 2 gorgeous kids and wife to a good looking rooster (I am biased).  I love to travel with the family (pre-covid we did heaps), relax with a good book or in a day spa and when I'm not rearranging my own home and adding new pieces to my own décor, I am working passionately on my business, for my customers!

I do hope that this provides a little insight into who I am and who you are dealing with when purchasing from our online store and we really do hope you love looking around Cranmore Home & Co and please do get in touch if there is ever anything I can do!

Enjoy, Jayne X

P.S I really do love how I use the royal "we" a lot as it really is just me and my awesome digital agency that do all the work! And sometimes my sister in Sydney... still trying to convince her to work for me! Can sisters work together? Jury is out on that idea!