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Australian Brands We Love and So Do You!

August 03 2020 ‚Äď Jayne Graham

At a time when we are staying indoors more than normal due to an international pandemic and also because it's just downright cold outside, I thought I would share with you some of our gorgeous Australian designed products we showcase and the brands that our customers can't seem to get enough of!  Over these last few months we have seen an increase in orders for these top 5 Australian designed products.  We know we love the brands, and I am sure you will too!

1. Uniqwa Furniture.

Uniqwa is very popular with our customers, especially if they are looking for a coastal style, or should I say sanctuary when it comes to Uniqwa! Some may say it is a little Boho too! Uniqwa has a very natural tone to their collections - whites, timbers and other materials like rope, banana leaf and teak.

Uniqwa represents uniqueness with a difference, defined by simplicity and function combined with art.  Uniqwa's ethos is simple; to supply design pieces inspired by nature and ethnic culture that fit into contemporary environments.  Uniqwa is organic, earthy and naturally modern, with a subtle degree of difference. They use reclaimed timbers and plantation timbers quite a bit in their designs and incorporate naturally weathered materials and off-cuts which would otherwise not necessary be used.

For example, their Klop range is hand made from remnant teak offcuts, joined together giving each piece its own unique pattern while utilizing teak with minimal waste.  Their Lili pendants, four poster Strand beds, Arniston chairs and Klop stools are some of our biggest sellers across our store! All of the pieces are designed here in Australia. 



2. Pony Rider.

Designed and developed in Australia and sourced from local and global artisans Pony Rider co-produce products that make your home feel super cosy and on trend! 

Pony Rider loves the outdoors and have a surfy vibe which to me makes me think of sun, surf and fun, but also the wintery days rugged up in a blanket or throw in the back of a Kombi or ute. I have had a soft spot for Pony Rider for years, even before I took over the business, it was a brand on my radar.  Now I might just have a few bits and bobs from here scattered throughout my house, I just couldn't help myself. 

The best thing about Pony Rider is that they produce bespoke limited collection designs as well as their popular staple collection, and they are passionate about keeping these limited editions going as it constantly stimulates the brand, so you know there is always going to be something new on the horizon.  This means that you can't buy Pony Rider just anywhere and the numbers available are limited.  So if you like a little bit of exclusivity and designs that not everyone has, then Pony Rider is definitely worth a look.

Also their canvas bedding is just divine.  When you hear canvas you can automatically think rough, hard material, but not this bedding range.  It is super soft and available in  several great colour ways.  Many of my moodboards feature Pony Rider, I am slightly biased!  Another customer favourite by Pony Rider is the Festive Wall Banner. These run hot off the shelves when we launch them for Christmas!  Such a funky way to display a Christmas tree if you don't have the room, or are travelling!


3. Mustard Made

Designed and developed by the creative sisters Becca and Jess. Becca is based in Newcastle, Australia whilst Jess is in London! They have created the ultimate in stylish storage and organisation.  Mustard lockers keep your stuff neat and tidy. Standing alone or paired with friends. The Skinny is elegant, beautiful and practical. Whilst the Shorty, well, she is just your new bestie.  She makes herself at home tucked neatly next to your desk, snuggled up next to your lounge or sitting beside your bed.  The Midi is perfect as an office organiser and the Lowdown well, it is great as a TV console or just that extra bit of storage in the laundry.  These lockers are so versatile they can be used for anything really and they just look good!  The different colour choices are so good it makes it hard to decide which colour to go with.  I often get customers asking which ones they should go with and the best thing is that any of the colour combos go so well together! And they are all super easy to put together.  Another great Australian designed product!



4. The Paper Mill Studio

One of our other super popular products that are not only designed in Australia but also handmade here in Australia are the Paper Mills Studio pendants by Emma Mills.

Emma creates these masterpieces from her studio on the Mornington Peninsula, using her background in fashion and love of art to create gorgeous raffia pendants.  As they are handmade each one is unique!

These have been so popular that there is now a 6 week wait on orders as they are all made to order. They are definitely worth the wait though!



5. Al.ive Body

These products are just so popular!  Again I can vouch for these as I have them in my bathroom.  I use the body lotion daily and even use the wash as gorgeous bubble bath ( I do love a good smelling bath with great bubbles).

These really are designer personal body care products that look gorgeous, smell fantastic and are beautiful on the skin!

Harnessing the power of essential oils and¬†native botanical extracts,¬†the al.ive body¬ģ¬†range is 100% palm-oil free, vegan and never tested on animals.

Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser built a successful interior design career business working on bespoke properties, as well as collaborating with high profile Australian brands and regular television appearances.¬†The idea for the al.ive body¬ģ range was born after the pair regularly struggled to source bathroom and kitchen styling products that complemented their finished projects, while also offering the product purity their clients expected.¬† ¬†So after 18 months of intense determination and exploration, the result is a personal care range aimed at the conscious consumer who values high-end design and demands product integrity.¬† Designed in Melbourne, Australia the ladies recently uploaded an insta post showing how they created the bottles and came up with the design, it was really quite interesting.

I can say we are glad they did launch these as we can't keep up with our stock levels of each item, we are constantly re ordering!  That's when you know customers love a product!



I do hope you enjoyed reading about our top selling items all designed here in Australia.  We love to curate our store with products designed here in Australia.  We have so many clever talented designers and creators and we hope to bring you many more as we slowly discover new talent across Australia.

Thanks for reading.

Jayne x