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Stylish and Practical Beach & Pool Accessories For Summer

October 16 2020 – Jayne Graham

So I had my first ocean swim on the weekend and yes it was freezing but it was so good to get back into the ocean.  Salt water and sun are such a great mix! 

Even though I am not a big fan of the waves, my 13 year old daughter got me in.  Ok, so I lasted about 5 minutes before I had to dive under a massive wave and feel that washing machine feel as it rumbled over me and then I shot up and said "That's it, I'm done!".  My daughter laughed and said "good on you mum, that was a tiny wave"! Worst part was, as I struggled to get out of the ocean, I was pummeled again by the white wash.. argh! 

Don't get me wrong, I love the ocean, and the beach, and I could spend hours on the golden sand, but give me mill pond ocean any day!  So looking like a drowned rat I went back up on the beach and did what I do best ... laid under our Sunday Supply Co Golden Sands beach umbrella and read my book! Bliss!  I am super excited too as the our Suzie beach chairs by McMullin & Co arrive soon and I am definitely putting two aside for us! 

 Sunday Supply Co Sunday Supply Co


Again, I digress.. my point of the rambled introduction is that even looking like a drowned rat you can still be stylish at the beach and around the pool just as much as at home inside.  We have some gorgeous products new to Cranmore Home & Co and just perfect for our Australian summers and time spent on the beach and at home by the pool!

If you love to enjoy sun drenched days and endless summers then you must get a beach umbrella from Sunday Supply Co. Designed to age naturally and gracefully, each umbrella features natural cotton, lightly varnished wood and custom designed aluminum alloy hinge and hardware. Each unique design is crafted to perfection using only the highest quality materials, and the tassels add a touch of vintage appeal. They also have a 2m canopy, so the whole family can fit under, or you can just spread out! I have also found they are great if there is a breeze, the sturdy quality means they won't move if you have put them in the sand correctly!


The perfect addition to your beach umbrella is one of our Suzie Beach chairs by McMullin and Co.  Who really wants to sit on sand?  The perfect backrest so you can read without a neck ache or just watch the kids with ease!  They fold up too which makes carrying them from the car not so hard!

These are also excellent for by the pool.  If you are like me and like to put your feet in but not the rest of you, try putting one of these by the edge of the pool and dipping your feet in ... perfect!

  Suzie Beach chairs


Suzie Beach chairs


Talking ''by the pool", have you seen our new &Sunday pool floats?

Adult sized goodness for the pool. Perfect to lounge about in all day, but don't forget your sunscreen as you may just stay on the water a little longer than expected! 

I don't know about you but I love to laze rather than splash around in the pool, so having only my toes and fingers, and now and again my bottom get wet,  then that to me is perfect swimming conditions!  So these floats are just great. 

They also look so good! My husband is not a fan of the kids floats and ugly yellow rings so when he saw these he was like "stylish pool floats.. seriously!" Now he cant just throw them out as they make the pool look so inviting!

Sunday pool floatsSunday pool floats



pool floatspool floats


Another great accessory we have for summertime is our Wandering Sol Beach Trolley

Have you ever found yourself trying to carry everything down to the beach including the kids sometimes?? Well this trolley is great as it has a basket for all the towels, beach toys, beach chairs etc and a handy canvas bag for the purse, sunnies, drinks, food, suncreen and more! It folds down to fit perfectly in the car as well and the wheels are designed for sand!  These are also the perfect markets accessory! It is also easy to get up or down stairs due to the size of the wheels!

Wandering Sol Beach TrolleyWandering Sol Beach Trolley.




What better way to experience a quintessential Australian summer of sun, surf and lazy days at the beach and by the pool, than with these stylish accessories, because nothing says weekend vibes like good company and beautifully crafted beach essentials. I hope you have a great summer! It really is the best time to enjoy our local beaches and own back yard!