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Walter G - Block Printed Textiles for a Relaxed Coastal Vibe!

November 16 2022 – Jayne Graham

Walter G Textiles

Ever since I was little, my eye has always been drawn to patterns, colourful, geometric you name it I love patterns.  I also always tended to buy homewares and artwork that consisted of block printed materials, even before I actually understood how this was designed or made.  I just had a love for the patterns and I think to be honest loved the idea of going to markets in India or Morrocco and sourcing my own fabric to make a homewares store full of my own designs and products.  The only problem was 1. I am not creative enough artistically (this gene went to my mum and sister) 2. I love travel but this is something I would have loved to have done with someone else 3. My life went in a completely different direction and 4. Back to number 1 really, I am not creative at all! 

Here is evidence that my creative skills are similar to a primary school aged child. At the time I thought these were cool!


So when I read about Walter G Australia and best friends Lauren and Genevieve many years ago, I went into complete online stalker mode! Not in a creepy way, but an "in awe" way.  I looked them up online, read articles on Walter G and the process on how they make their gorgeous homewares with Indian makers -  Walter G and the partnership was the perfect business and product that I would loved to have created.  I have been a customer of theirs for many years and when I took over Cranmore Home & Co I just had to look at stocking them. I said stocking, not stalking!  Unfortunately due to COVID I delayed any new suppliers for a while and then finally earlier this year in Melbourne I was able to go the the Life In Style exhibition (first time in 3 years) and just like a sign from the above, there was Walter G and Lauren and Genevieve hosting the stand.  Ok, so if you ask my sister who was with me at the time, I did go into a bit of fan girl mode and over talked and over shared how much I loved their homewares and I am sure they both were wondering who the crazy lady from Perth was when I left, but what it did do, was spark joy again for wanting to stock their gorgeous cushions. And well, now we do.  Just a small selection to start to see if our customers love them as much as we do! 

Walter G Textiles

So a little bit about Walter G.

Firstly, Walter G is an Australian-owned boutique textile house founded in 2012 by best friends - Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson. They have both spent time in India, in remote villages, completely immersed, learning everything they could about the block printing process and travel back regularly to stay up to date with and new hand block printing techniques.

All Walter G fabrics are designed in-house, taking inspiration from old textiles and new surroundings. These designs are subsequently brought to life by a wonderful team of artisans in India.

The relaxed coastal vibe of the gorgeous patterns sit perfectly in the Cranmore Home & Co cushion collection and the fresh colours and textures are designed to be mixed and matched together.

If you are as big a fan as me on the gorgeous block print designs you should definitely check out the small Walter G Collection that we have. I do hope everyone loves them as much as we do as I am hoping to stock many more designs in the future.

Check out our Walter G collection here.


Jayne x