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Our Top Coastal Design Tips & Tricks | What is Coastal Style?

January 10 2023 – Jayne Graham

I don't know about you but during the summer season I can't help but look at my home and want to add more coastal features just to make me feel like I am at the beach every single day! The sun brings happiness and this in turn makes me want to rearrange furniture and freshen up my home, so I thought I might do provide some Coastal Design Tips and Tricks that I love.

Coastal style is a popular interior design trend that has been gaining in popularity for many years and will stay with us for many more. It combines the relaxed, laid-back feel of beach living with the sophistication of modern design. This style is perfect for creating a calming and inviting atmosphere in any home. Whether you’re looking to create a beach-inspired retreat or just want to add some coastal flair to your existing decor, here are our top 10 coastal style design tips and tricks.

What is Coastal Style?
Coastal style is all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. It combines elements of beach living with modern design elements to create a unique look that can be both sophisticated and casual at the same time. Coastal style typically includes light colors, natural materials, and nautical accents such as shells, driftwood, rope and rattan. The overall look should be airy and inviting, with plenty of natural light and comfortable furniture pieces.

How to Incorporate Coastal Style into Your Home

The key to incorporating coastal style into your home is to focus on creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. Start by using light colors such as whites, blues, greens, and grays throughout your space. Natural materials like wood, wicker, jute, rattan, linen, and cotton are also essential for achieving this look. Additionally, adding nautical accents like shells or driftwood can help bring the beach vibe into your home without being too over-the-top.

Tips for Choosing Furniture
When it comes to choosing furniture for a coastal style space, it’s important to choose pieces that are comfortable yet stylish. Look for furniture made from natural materials such as wood or wicker that will give your space an airy feel. Additionally, opt for pieces with clean lines that won’t overwhelm the room but will still provide plenty of seating options for guests. Our coastal collection provides a great selection of pieces from Uniqwa Furniture and our own collection that has some stunning coastal pieces.

Rattan Furniture

Tips for Accessorising Your Space
Area rugs are a great way to add texture and color to any room while still maintaining the relaxed vibe of coastal style decorating. Choose rugs made from natural fibers like jute or sisal in neutral colors like white or gray that will complement your existing furniture pieces without overpowering them. Additionally, adding throw pillows in shades of blue or green can help bring out the colors in your area rug while also providing extra comfort when lounging on the couch or bedding down at night. Finally, don’t forget about wall art! Hang up framed prints featuring beach scenes or ocean life to complete the look of your coastal-inspired space. Check out our Pony Rider cushion covers for some unique coastal inspirational patterns or our Walter G Collection if you love block print designs just like I do!

Tips for Adding Nautical Accents
Nautical accents are essential when it comes to achieving a true coastal style look in your home. Look for items like shells or driftwood that you can display on shelves or coffee tables as decorative accents throughout your space. You can also hang up framed prints featuring boats or lighthouses on walls throughout your home as well as hang up rope lights around windowsills or doorways for an extra touch of nautical charm!

Tips For Creating an Outdoor Space

Creating an outdoor space with coastal vibes doesn’t have to be difficult! Start by adding comfortable seating such as Adirondack chairs around a fire pit so you can enjoy evenings outdoors with friends and family during warmer months. Then add some potted plants around the perimeter of your patio area so you can enjoy some greenery while still keeping things feeling light and airy! Finally don’t forget about lighting – string lights hung up around trees or along fences will help create a cozy atmosphere after dark! We have our string lights up all year round and add such a cosy entertaining element to our outdoor area.

Coastal Design Furniture Uniqwa


Creating a coastal-inspired space doesn’t have to be complicated – just follow these simple tips & tricks! By incorporating light colors & natural materials into your decor along with nautical accents & outdoor elements you can easily achieve this relaxed yet sophisticated look in any room in your home!

I hope this has provided some inspiration for your coastal-inspired space!