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Feature Lights That Will Brighten Your Home.

May 09 2022 – Jayne Graham

Feature lights are designed to accentuate a room and create a mood. They are a perfect way to show off your personal style as well as to brighten up a space that needs a little extra oomph. Whether it is a pendant, chandelier, wall light, floor lamp, or a cluster of pendants, I believe feature lights can bring a unique touch to the style of your home. In fact, even if a space is designed to perfection, if the lighting is flat or harsh, the beauty of the room can be totally lost.


I am personally obsessed with the trend of oversized pendant lights being used as feature lights. They are no longer just reserved for dining rooms or foyers - there can be a space for them in a variety of different settings. And when you have the right lighting installed in your home, it can transform the environment altogether. Changing your light fixtures is also a great way to refresh/revamp a room without breaking the bank.


Organic, rattan, wooden beads, wood materials, and natural textures are a lighting trend that can give a room a coastal or boho-chic look. The handwoven round wicker pendant by HK Living would have to be an all-time favourite for introducing a natural, coastal vibe to your home. Adding a touch of tranquillity with organic finishes, like this pendant, can help you feel relaxed and calm. Lately, I’ve worked with several interior stylists who use this product and I have only one left in my showroom. Another large pendant light made from natural fibres would have to be the Dala by Maine & Crawford. Made from durable, natural seagrass, it can be used as a pendant light or fixed to a base to become a floor lamp.

 Hand oven wicker by HK Living

Equally, choosing more structured, architectural lighting designs can provide a modern, chic and contemporary glamour if that is your preferred style. I love seeing a well-constructed chandelier hung over a dining table or kitchen island bench. The Chelsea and Georgetown pendant lights, by Oriel Lighting, spring to mind if you’re doing a kitchen renovation and want something minimal and sophisticated in design.


Long lines and simplified silhouettes in feature lighting are replacing more intricate and complicated designs. While there will always be a place for ornate and bolder home lighting options, a more simplified look is coming through in this year’s trends.


2022 is also about layered home lighting and we will see a resurgence of incorporating multiple light fixtures into rooms. Overhead lights can be added to accent lamps, directional art lighting, and dimmers to provide depth, warmth, and variety. Lower lighting is going to be big for the living room this year, with amply floor and table lamps creating a feeling of comfort and cosiness.

 Lili Pendant Light by Uniqwa

Introducing table lamps into your home décor can help create layers. The rich, dark Manly Wooden Emac Lawton table lamp adds a bit of old school vintage Hollywood glamour to any room. I recommend matching the lamp with a linen drum lamp shade. I also love the Casablanca Palm Tree lamp base. It would look incredible to pair this with a natural linen lampshade or something with a pop of colour for an unexpected twist.

 Casablanca Palm by Emac Lawton

Speaking of unexpected, you’re going to see combinations of different textures and styles this year – think mixing interior styles or old-world design elements being used in a modern way or with modern finishes.


The Cara glass pendant light by Oriel lighting, for example, takes a classic retro style pendant and gives it a modern twist by adding coloured glass with a bubble-like texture. I love the amber coloured glass that turns to a metallic-like gold colour once illuminated. The Primitive pendant light by Uniqwa, on the other hand, combines a modern sleek linear design with organic sanded teak branches to provide an alternative option of mixing and matching styles.

 Cara Pendant Light

Now, when the time comes for you to choose feature lighting, these are a few things I would recommend you consider:


  • Less is more: you don’t necessarily need a signature piece in the dining room, lounge and over the kitchen island if you have an open-plan home.
  • Think about the amount of light you need from the fixture to adequately light the space and make sure it is suitable.
  • Rooms that face north, as a rule, need additional light sources even during the day.
  • Rooms with windows facing south spend more time exposed to the sun, so will only need light features for use in the evening.
  • Choosing black, white and grey colours for lighting fixtures is always a good decision when considering longevity.
  • If you want to incorporate natural materials into your light fixtures but can’t find anything you like, choosing colours such as sand, sky blue and honey can provide the same aesthetic.
  • Choosing light fixtures with metal detailing can add warmth and a sense of luxury.
  • When it comes to your bedroom, focus on where you want to create zones of comfort. Typically, this is near or beside the bed. I recommend matching wall lights or hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed. 
  • If you need to keep costs down, choose cheaper fixtures for spare rooms, the home office and the laundry where they won’t be on display as much.


At Cranmore Home, when I’m sourcing lighting options and home décor, I always choose pieces that are aligned with global and local Australian design trends but also have a point of difference – a certain je ne sais quoi. 


Scroll through our incredible range of pendant lights online by jumping onto the Lighting Collection page, or check out our Australian homewares décor boutique for more lighting solutions from amazing brands such as Oriel Lighting, Uniqwa, Maine & Crawford, Emac Lawton and more.


Jayne x