Emac & Lawton Lighting

Lighting can make or break any room. Select the wrong lighting and the room just won’t flow. Select the perfect lighting and the room will just pop!

Emac and Lawton lighting has been making rooms in residential and commercial properties “pop” since 1984. Their team of lighting specialists carefully select collection pieces from all over the world.

Their particular speciality is copper pendant lights. Here at Cranmore Home, we can’t get enough of these lights. An Emac & Lawton copper pendant light is the perfect way to light a space. It’s not only stylish but also practical as the metallic finish reflects light. Copper pendant lights look fantastic in any setting – whether over a bench in a kitchen or as a drop-down bedside lamp.

Emac & Lawton Lighting is renowned for its innovative designs and we’re delighted to be an authorised stockist.

Check out our range of Emac and Lawton lighting below.