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Handcrafted Magic - Robert Gordon Pottery

June 12 2019 – Jayne Graham

I am a sucker for anything to do with pottery!  I wish that I knew how to make it myself and I am always looking at new designers, creatives and artisans to see what they are creating next. And, of course, I do love the pottery wheel scene in Ghost, that makes us all want to know how to use a wheel doesn't it? 

One of my all times favourite pottery brands however is Robert Gordon Pottery!

Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon Pottery began in 1945 by Robert (Andy) Gordon. At an early age he picked up a lump of clay and started turning his potters wheel and never looked back!  He was inspired by his mother who was renowned potter June Dyson. He joined her business in his early twenties and turned it into what we now know as Robert Gordon Pottery. What is lovely about this business is that it has remained in the family with Robert's four children part of it still today.

Something that puts Robert Gordon Pottery on my favourites list is their collection made here in Australia. Each piece passes through the hands of skilled crafts people. All of the pieces have a timeless design and quality manufacturing which ensures all of their pieces will last a lifetime. Each of their pieces is also glazed by hand, which provides those slight variations which provide truly unique designs.

My favourite Robert Gordon mugs are the white Ochre Mugs and Mediterranean Hug Me Mugs (which come in a pack of 4!)

  Robert Gordon Mugs  


The other gorgeous thing is that Robert Gordon Pottery doesn't just do mugs and your normal kitchen crockery items but they do cheeseboards, keep cups and also their signature Robert Gordon baskets!  They come in a set of two and are just divine with leather handles.

     Robert Gordon Pottery      Robert Gordon Harvest Baskets

If you haven't checked out Robert Gordon pottery before you must! The problem will be deciding on what pieces you love the most, trust me, it takes me days!