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Sister's Creating Stylish Artisan Crafted Homewares - Amigos de Hoy

May 29 2019 – Bipu Bajgai

Amigos de Hoy is the creative brainchild of two amazing sisters Kura Perkins and Bree Hay-Hendry. I don't know about you but any pair of sisters that can work together and stay friends must be legends! I'm sure I could work with my sister Sarah, but I do think we would have to live on other sides of the country! Love you sis x Anyway I digress ...

Amigos de Hoy

Amigos de Hoy is stylish and refreshing, boho and whimsical and as they say "embodies a handmade and tactile earthiness with a touch of sparkle".

The range has an ever-changing mix of handmade and traditional artisan crafted homeware pieces and some of the names of the products are just fantastic!  Where else would you find a Fluffelbuster throw and cushion. The Fluffelbuster is a mysterious creature that lives high in secluded mountain tops and feed exclusively on a diet of volcanic glitter ash and purified rock water and once a year under full moon, they drop their fur in a process call fluffelisation!

Amigos de Hoy  Amigos de Hoy  Amigos de Hoy

Along with throws, cushions and accessories, Amigos de Hoy does an amazing range of floor rugs.  They have all sorts of sizes including runners, in many designs including their classic designs Odetta, Tembo and Trails!

Odetta  Tembo RugTrails Rug

Just recently Amigos de Hoy also introduced a new rug range - Ground Control.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch to hear all about the new range. Just so you know, the picture is purposely from above to show the rugs and not me!


These are new, original and ethical rug range, rich in fibres and raw materials such as jute, hemp, cottons and pure wools.  The collection was born of a desire to create something totally different in the rug sphere and this collection is of natural beauty but still has the magical hint of Amigos de Hoy.

Diamond Weave  Honeycomb Grey  Voyager Cream Rug

The best thing about the Ground Control rug collection is that each rug can be custom made to size! How great is that.

All of the Amigos de Hoy rugs are also Good Weave accredited which gives you peace of mind that no child forced labor was used in making their range! Go Amigos.

So if you have a chance check our the collection we have, or for a full range feel free to jump over to

Thanks for reading.

Jayne x