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Little Ones - Bubs to Tweens - Furniture & Homewares Ideas.

August 09 2021 – Jayne Graham

I get super clucky these days around babies, I think having teenagers does that to you.  I love the independence (sort of) that I have now, but the no attitude and unconditional love is something I miss from babies!  Maybe not the mess and tantrums of the toddler stage, but the cuteness makes it all easy to forget!

We have started a Little Ones collection at Cranmore Home & Co. as we have a few brands and pieces that are perfect for bubs right through to tweens!

I must admit I love decorating my kids bedrooms.  As they grow there is a great excuse to keep changing the decor and layout too!

From babies, toddlers, young children through to teenagers we have homewares and furniture they will love.

I hope you enjoy decorating their rooms as much as I do!

I have put a few mood boards together for inspiration!

Little Ones

Main picture: Incy Maxwell Cot. | 1. Meeko Mat Hello OC Size | 2. Rainbow Clocksicle Clock | 3. Karina Jambrak Tava Print | 4. Livly Night Lights

The Nursery.

Our Incy Collection of cots and beds are the perfect addition to any childs bedroom.  The Maxwell cot in walnut is super gorgeous with rattan ends and it also converts into a toddler bed which means its lifespan is longer than normal cots.  The matching dresser is also designed so well that you can take off the change table topper when you no longer use nappies and it becomes a statement piece for your child to use right through to adulthood if they want to!

Looking to add colour and art to bubs room, then you really should check our Karina Jambraks animal collection.  Jungle inspired tigers, giraffes, monkeys and more! Hand illustrated goodness for your kids room, they will love them.  Being an Australian artist makes is extra special too.

Night lights are also great addition to a babies and toddlers room.  Our Livly lights provide that subtle glow throughout the night to make bubs and toddlers feel safe and cosy in their room. 

Babies may not learn how to tell the time until they are at least 5, but it is a great practical and stylish addition to a childs bedroom. Over time they will understand why it's there (see what I did with the pun there!).


Pop Up Desk

Main picture: Pop Up Desk | 1. Mustard Made Skinny Locker in Sage  2. Giraffe Duo Art Print | 3. Meeko Mat The World Of Good | 4. Pony Rider Cushion

Toddlers Room

Terrible 2's or 3's or does it just keep going until 21?  Ha, toddlers, so full of energy and the love of learning! They keep us busy at the best of times.  The one thing I remember most about toddlers was the mess they create.  It's different to the teenager messy room, its actual mess! Paint, food, texta's, water, wee, you name it they spill it!  But that's the best part of living right!  

So for our toddlers room, I have added the essential Meeko Mat.  This is a stylish way to keep your surfaces clean!  They are great in bedrooms as well as other parts of the house.  They are made from soft leather which means most spills can be easily wiped off! The Meeko Mats are limited addition designs too, which means they are stylish and you know not everyone will have them!

Introducing a desk is a good idea at the 4+ mark as this gives them a dedicated place to do their colouring in and mess making!  Our Pop Up Desks come in 7 different funky colours and as they require no bits to assemble it means they can be moved easily if you need to make space for bigger beds or move them into the study for homework! Ha, yeah right, homework done in the study! More like whereever you are!

Our Mustard Made lockers are also a great colourful addition to a toddlers room, especially the lowdowns.  We have had many customers say they are the perfect height for kids toys cupboards and as they are lockable you can keep the mess away if you ever need to! The Skinny's are also great if you need shelving and some hanging space for all the dress ups!


 Mustard Made Lockers

Main picture: Mustard Made Twinny Locker | 1. Yay Candle | 2. Mustard Made Shorty Locker | 3.Iva vintage Wall chart Jungle | 4. Eden Rose Gold Bed by Incy

Tweenagers Rooms

The Tweenager, not quite yet a teenager, but definitely not little anymore! I would say from about 11yrs old to 13yrs.  They still seem young but are needing a little independence and wanting to be treated like a teenager. Interesting years! I have also found with my kids that this age is when they are wanting to get rid of anything "kiddy" in their room and are starting to want to have their own style.

Colours tend to be more neutral or only one or two tones, like whites, greys or ocean blues.  Their artwork changes from animals and alphabets to abstracts or photography and they tend to want grown up bedding, no more Power Ranger duvets!

We have found that the Incy Eden rose gold and Ralf Matt Black beds have been popular as they provide a bit of a vintage inspired look, which can be considered cool by the tweenagers!  Our Pony Rider wall banners and motif cushions are also super popular, especially the YAY Banner and also the You're Some Kind of Wanderful cushions and wall banners. They provide a little personality to the room!

Again our Mustard Made Lockers make an appearance in the Tweenagers room as they are just funky! And you get them in any colour to suit your tweenagers style. The lockability also provides them with some privacy which is needed at this age, but just make sure you keep the second key! Keeping keys safe is not a good trait of a tweenager! (speaking from experience, 3 house keys already cut this year!!) 

Well I hope that provided a little inspiration for your kids room/s.  It really is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to children's bedrooms, so why don't you check out our Little Ones collection to see our full array of furniture and designer homewares for the kids.  You really can have a bit of fun when they are little as they will love whatever you do, and then as they grow the fun comes in planning the room with your Tweenager! Fun might be a little over exaggeration, but bonding time maybe??

Enjoy Jayne x