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It's The Little Things That Count - Homewares & Furniture Finder Edition #2.

July 21 2021 – Jayne Graham

As we enter another unknown time in Australia with this crazy virus, it has made me reflect a little and cherish the little things in life that we can control.  Like hugging my kids whilst watching a family movie, talking to my husband for longer than 5 seconds (when he feels like a chat), Face Timing family across Australia and whenever I'm in a "stuck at home" phase I tend to redecorate most rooms in my house! As well as the dreaded virus, it has been raining for nearly 4 weeks non stop here in Perth.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but for this long and through school holidays it made it a little harder!

So to combat a little boredom and ground hog days, I tend to find myself moving little things around!  Recently I have been playing with the lovely little animal planters we have - my daughter loves the koala planter and now uses it for pencils on her pop up desk in her room. I have also been changing up my cushions (I am a crazy cushion lady though) and adding some pinks to our living room, which currently has greys, whites and blues.  Our artwork lends itself to new Pony Rider Women Cushions I decided!

Pony Rider Women Cushions

We have also just started to stock Clocksicle clocks too! So as I needed to road test the quality (like we do with most items), so I tried this our in my sons room.  It matched his Olive Mustard Made Shorty locker so well!  Clocks are something that most people forget about these days when styling and there really are some lovely ones out there.  We have One Eight Six London wall clocks which are classic and contemporary and then we have our Clocksicle wall clocks which add a pop of colour to any room! The large numbers and minute dots also make them great in kids rooms, especially if they are learning to tell the time.  And don't worry they are silent ticking!

Clocksicle wall clocks

The other items I tend to have a play with when I have time are my bathroom towels! I currently have the Miss April Towels, black and white pom pom in our bathroom, and love these.  At first I was a little worried as they didnt seem to absorb the water but after washing them and drying them in the dryer twice, they have become the snuggliest and softest bath sheets (they are big!) that I have owned. We have them arriving in the green stripe very soon! I am also super tempted however to keep a set of our Saarde Vintage towels in Olive as they look good too!  

Miss April Towels


Talking bathrooms, we are having ours renovated at the moment (watch out for progress blog soon!) and my biggest issue is choosing which one of the gorgeous Body Duo Body Wash and Lotion do I use?  Al.ive Body have gone and introduced two new colours and fragrances to their range which makes it even harder to choose!  My favourite for a little while was the Kaffir Lime and Green Tea, but the Mango and Lychee is starting to pull rank I think! Body Duo Body Wash and Lotion

My other favourite lockdown/rainy day past time is changing up my throws.  I currently have one on every sofa, bed and armchair at the moment.  One because they are perfect just as it cools down at night to pop over our feet and secondly because the look so good!  My current crush is the Checking Throws by Canvas & Sasson, the gingham design is the perfect pattern for a Farmhouse interior.  We have an old Californian Bungalow that I like to pretend is a Farmhouse, up in the old part of the house, so I am currently waiting for these to arrive so I can choose which one to style and photograph for you, OK so I might just have to style each of them before I choose which is my favourite!


Throws by Canvas & Sasson

Rugs are another fun decor piece to play with, if they aren't too big!  The OH Happy Home washable range are easy to move around (and to wash!) and are super soft underfoot.  I have one of the Going Dotty rugs in our home office that is also the thoroughfare to our kids chill out room so hence is great for high traffic areas! Their oversized bathmat range is also super popular with our customers, I am restocking them all the time!

OH Happy Home washable rugs

Self care is also super important when we are going through times of the unknown.  And our Peggy Sue Beauty Oils and other products are a few more of the little things that will definitely make a difference to your day.  If you love baths you will love the beauty oils and bath brews!! Also for the dry lips during winter, try the lip kit! It has a lip scrub which is super softening! 

Peggy Sue Beauty Oils


Here are a few mood boards to show you how we love to put together some of the little things (ok I might have included some bigger items, like the gorgeous Uniqwa Bed, but hey, it's inspiration for the bedroom!)

Uniqwa Bed

1. Strand Four Poster Bed by Uniqwa2. Log Stool by Uniqwa  3. Pony Rider Cushions  4.  Karina Jambrak Print

Log Stool by Uniqwa

1.  Olive Vintage Towels by Saarde   2.  Vintage Elm Stool by Uniqwa  3. Body Bar by The Commonfolk Collective  4.  Beauty Oils by Peggy Sue

I do hope you are getting to enjoy some of the little things in life, whilst we navigate this crazy time.  We hope that you do take the time to look after yourself and your family and if that means spoiling yourself, then why not!

Enjoy, Jayne x