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Re-introducing Uniqwa Collections | Inspired from Nature

April 06 2023 – Jayne Graham

Uniqwa Collections is one of our top selling brands. Both customers and interior designers are buying Uniqwa pieces.  With Coastal style being one of our most requested collections, Uniqwa has been available via Cranmore Home & Co for many years now.  They are a wholesaler, hence you can only purchase through stockists like us if you aren't within the interiors industry.

So, I thought I would share a little bit more about Uniqwa with you all.

At Uniqwa, they believe in creating furniture and homewares that are inspired by nature. They strive to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional, while also being sustainable. Their pieces use natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, and jute in their designs, as well as recycled plastic and other sustainable materials. Uniqwas collections include everything from chairs and tables to rugs and cushions.

Clifton Coffee Table by Uniqwa Furniture

Uniqwa furniture is beautiful, and if it is a sanctuary you are after, Uniqwa pieces can provide just that! The best part about Uniqwa collections is that every piece has a story. They use materials that are often overlooked which provides a blank canvas for creating unique pieces.  From salvaged timber to remnant teak off cuts Uniqwa have found a way to design gorgeous interior pieces of furniture that is quality, thoughtful and handmade.

Sustainable Design
At Uniqwa they have sustainable design top of mind. They use eco-friendly processes when creating their pieces, such as using water-based stains instead of chemical-based ones. By using these sustainable materials and processes they can help reduce the environmental impact while still creating beautiful pieces for your home.  They also strive to reduce packaging waste by using recyclable materials whenever possible. By taking these steps they can ensure that our production process is both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Lolesa pendants by Uniqwa

Lolesa Pendant


What also stands Uniqwa apart from other furniture places is that they have an in-house finishing studio at their Gold Coast premises to finalise their classic pieces. Once they receive their pieces from their production facility they then ensure each piece is inspected and any final touches like painting or sanding are made to ensure quality and timeless gorgeousness every single time!  What this also means is that if you love a certain natural piece there could be the possibility that you can have this stained or painted in a different colour.  For example the Strand Four Poster Bed which is one of our top sellers is now available in white or walnut stain! 

Strand Four Poster Bed by Uniqwa

Uniqwa have be involved with many amazing styling projects, including most recently the styling of surfing champion Mick Fannings holiday home by the Three Birds Renovation team.  They have also been involved many other interior design projects and if you want to dream away for a few hours check out their website blog! I spent hours here the other day reading through all the amazing projects they had been involved in!

So remember if you do see anything you like from the Uniqwa Furniture collection please do get in touch and we can provide lead times and pricing.  We don't have all of their items on our site, but can arrange any pieces from their full catalogue online. Many items do have a lead time as pieces sell out prior to shipments arriving.  This however indicates to me that they are loved by everyone all over Australia and it is worth getting come timeless pieces for your home if you love them! They will last a lifetime.

View our collection HERE.

Styled Room with Uniqwa pieces

Arniston Occasional Chairs & Klop Stool 

Klop Stool