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Sister Duo Behind Mustard Made – Designing Funky Lockers from Opposite Sides of the Planet.

July 25 2019 – Jayne

Mustard Made are one of my favourite brands and organisations to work with.  They are a sister duo who live on opposite sides of the planet, but run an awesome operation together!  Becca lives in Newcastle, Australia and Jess is in London, UK.  They may not be close in distance but as far as sisterly love goes, it is clear they are close. 

Sister Behind MustardApparently, it all started with a long walk when the two sisters started talking about a possible business together.  Becca started to think about something she loved and she had a random selection of metal lockers. One flaky old one found on the side of the road, a few from antique stores and some new.

She's always had a thing for lockers and from that day the idea started and Mustard Made began.


Having met these two they are like two peas in a pod and have the most positive outlook on life! My sister and I were in awe of how well they worked together and I must admit I truly believe distance is the answer, well that is the only way my sister and I could work together! 😊

Mustard Made started out with their famous Skinny and Shorty lockers in the coolest colours!

    Shortly-lockers      Skinny and Shorty lockers

 And after 18 months, have now brought out the new sizes, the Midi and Lowdown which are just fantastic and two new colours Ocean and Berry.  These lockers are perfect for bedrooms, lounge rooms, the study and are even perfect for the office!  Really they suit any room in any house, office or space! The best storage and organisation ideas I have seen in a long time!

Pink Colour-short-lockers          the Midi and Lowdown Lockers

 All of the lockers come flat packed which is great for delivery and we provide easy videos on how to build them on our product pages.  I’ve put a Skinny and Shorty in my son’s room and they took no time at all.  Check out our Mustard Made Collection for all the colours and sizes on offer.  Enjoy x