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Kids Bedroom Furniture Fit for a King or Queen and Great Prices too!

July 31 2019 – Jayne

Incy Interiors design and produce kids bedroom furniture that is fit for Kings and Queens - not Princes and Princesses! Who doesn’t love shopping for their kids and their bedroom is one place we can still be young kids at heart too with our styling. The Incy Interior collection is stylish, playful and has a range of products for babies right through to teenagers. They produce a collection of beds, bassinets, cots, changetables, rocking chairs, desks, settees and more! From the bedroom to the playroom you can find something that your kids will love.

Designed by Kristy Withers, the Incy brand has been specifically created to provide parents with a range of sturdy, safe and age-appropriate furniture options for children. These great creations were born after a frustratingly futile search for a suitable 'big boy' bed by Kristy and Incy Interiors now provides well-designed, high quality, stylish children’s furniture to Australian parents.

   Single Bed Design           Side view of a single bed

The signature piece of the Incy family are the sturdy aluminium and chrome plated beds. They use a non-toxic, waterbased paint to achieve the Metallica shine. These beds stand the test of time! The King Single even has two height options to ensure the can adapt as your children do. The Metallic range comes in rose gold, nickel and emerald green in sizes from Single up to Queen!   

    Drawer                        Sample drawer design        White baby crib                     White baby crib design

They also do lovely cots and bassinets for the very little ones.  Your baby can be resting in classic luxury from the moment they are born, especially with the Maxwell Bassinet below! All individually handcrafted from New Zealand Pine. They all have matching change tables and dressers too!

Pink small table              White small table

Pink Couch              Dark green stand with a shawl

As the kids get older there is always a need for a great desk for study and craft, well Incy do the Estelle & Albie Desks which are a great streamline design with one long drawer! And hey why not add a settee or plush ottoman with hinged lid for storage! Incy Interiors can really create a sanctuary for your children with quality furnishings for all young ages! Shop our Incy Interiors collection today.