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Create A Stylish Teenagers Room on a Budget Without Compromising Quality

July 02 2020 – Aimee Robinson

I don't know about you but my teenage daughter spends a lot of time in her room.  The teenage years are also such a crazy ride these days so I am a big believer in making a space for them where they can relax and chill out.  I am also a big believer in quality and putting together a room for our kids that will last the test of time and with items they may take with them when they leave (if they ever do!).  I was also asked to put together a room on a budget with quality items for a recent Spreading Roomers blog, so decided on a teenagers room as I have been asked about styling for this age bracket quite a bit lately.  So using some of my favorite Australian designed brands here it is!

Stylish Teenagers Bedroom
  1. Eden Rose Gold Bed by Incy Interiors from $799

  2. Diamond Weave Floor Rug by Ground Control from $1019

  3. Karina Jambrak Print from $60

  4. Shorty in Blush by Mustard Made $199

  5. Rosette Quilt by Lazybones From $219

  6. Cushions by Pony Rider from $79

  7. Lili Pendant Light by Uniqwa Furniture $299

  8. Eleanor Cane Chair by McMullin & Co. $599

  9. Dusty Rose Circle Stitch Linen Blanket by Bedtonic $348

You too can achieve stylish interiors for a teenagers room, or any room really, by keeping in mind these top tips:

  • Go for quality, pieces will last the test of time.

  • For a bedroom, make it a sanctuary somewhere you want to spend time. Especially for a teenager as they will spend a lot of time here! Keep the colors soft and relaxing.

  • Quality doesn’t always mean expensive, but what it does mean is someone has taken the time to develop a product you can trust will last.

  • Where possible, support local. This mood board has been put together with pieces that have all been designed in Australia.

  • Artwork by an Australian artist is always a worthy investment. Karina Jambraks’ illustrations are very unique, and a true testament of the accessible and original design.

  • A quality floor rug that is durable under high traffic is also a must in a bedroom, and this can add a statement of texture too.

  • If you purchase Australian designed products, you can also sometimes get items that are part of a limited collection for a great price, what that also means is not everyone else will have it, you can be your own kind of stylish!

So, by setting a budget and ethos at the start of choosing a quality and Australian designed products, you can easily pull together a look that doesn’t apply pressure to spend $$$ but that respects good design & the longevity of those items in your home.