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Artwork Can Transform a Room

July 08 2020 – Jayne Graham

Art is something that I believe is subjective and very personal.  But one thing we can all agree on is that artwork can transform a room.  It can make a room bright and colourful, dark and moody, relaxed and chilled, all by choosing the right piece or pieces of artwork.

We have recently added a few pieces to our home and have a mix of, originals we acquired at a charity auction by a local artist, Urban Road canvas prints and also a wall hanging by HK Living, so quite an eclectic mix really.


At Cranmore Home & Co we like to have a mix of artwork as we know everyone has different tastes when it comes to artwork. So we thought we would put a few collections together to showcase some of the artwork that we are proud to showcase to our customers.  These include - Photographic Prints, Illustration Prints, Original Artwork Limited Addition Prints and our gorgeous collection of Wall Hangings.

Original Artwork Prints - Limited Addition.

There is something special about limited addition artwork.  This means there are only a limited number of the pieces out in the market place, which means your purchase is quite unique. And, as it is not the original they are usually more friendly on the budget.

Antoinette Ferwerda

Ranging from bright pops of colour to more subtle combinations of pastel tones, these limited edition prints by Antoinette Ferwerda are a beautiful addition to any space.  Antoinette's mixed media paintings are produced using the highest quality artisan products and processes.  Professional acrylic polymer paints, oil pastels, inks and layers of hand-cut and hand-painted collage are applied to the highest grade, cotton canvas.  Antoinette’s themes include abstract and metaphysical interpretations of life and the natural world, fossicking in rock pools, exploring the rolling hills of the countryside both here and abroad, and the magical light of a European summer.



Illustrations - Limited Editions.

Karina Jambrak.

Karina Jambrak is a favourite of ours here at Cranmore Home & Co.  Colourful, full of rich tones and intricate patterns is the best way to describe Karina Jambrak's illustrations.  Karina Jambrak is an interior design obsessed illustrator and graphic designer from Sydney.  Starting off at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach markets in 2001 selling her canvases, Karina then went and graduated from the Univeristy of NSW, College of Fine Arts and has since pursued a design career in many industries.    13 years later, Karina now brings happiness to people through art and her gorgeous illustrations are inspired by nature and are hand drawn with copic markers.  Her illustrations are Giclee printed on 100% textured cotton rag, 310gsm museum grade fine art paper (OBA - FREE with no optical brighteners). 


Photographic Prints.

Photography is a passion for many people, but only a select few have the talent to be able to create magic behind the lens.  Denise Rix is a local WA photographer and captures the true essence of West Australia's beaches beautifully, as well as other amazing botanicals and Bali!  We also showcase Blackhaus Studios photography and these are more abstract, portraits and European destinations, a really interesting collection.

Denise Rix

Spectacular photography capturing some of Australia's best coastline and Botanicals. I am super excited to have Denise Rix Photography on Cranmore Home & Co. If you love anything tropical or coastal then you will love this collection! Denise is a natural light photographer based in Perth, Western Australia, whose strength lies in the translation between product and emotional connection. Denise's love of design, simplicity, purpose and form dictates a style that lends itself to the minimalist and clean approach conveyed in her photographic aesthetic. Her seascape, botanical & abstract photographic images are a reflection of her affinity & love for the natural environment. Denise is particularly drawn to the coastal shores & ever-changing palette of the sensational West Australia landscapes she and I are lucky enough to call home.



Blackhaus Studios

Blackhaus Studios are a husband and wife team who aspire to connect with the world through their curated range of photographic and mixed media prints.  They explore themes such as abstraction, minimalistic landscapes and portraiture, and focus on providing the design industry with contemporary and timeless pieces. Their collection themes provide a great range of photographic prints from black & white, countryside, desert, Greece, India, pastel and vogues! 




Wall Hangings

I am a major wall hanging fan! Anything a little bit different and I want it!  Hence why I have both an HK Living Wall Chart and one of Atlas Collectives Vintage Linen wall hangings.

The Atlas Collective

If you are looking for something different to put on the wall, and appreciate handmade items then you will love these wall hangings.  Inspired by trinkets and scenery from when Adrianne's travels.  The wall hangings are hand-illustrated artwork which is scanned into a digital file and printed onto hand-loomed Vintage French Linen (natural).   The small cotton tassels are handmade in America and have been hand-stitched at the back of the linen to provide a soft edge. The beautiful fabric tells a story of its past life.  It has lived. Some even have natural discolouration markings, it's worn appearance - it's perfectly imperfect. The material is rare and that is why each piece is carefully made slowly and in small limited runs.

HK Living Wall Chart

One of our most popular items on the store! Digitally printed onto vintage cotton, this jungle wall chart is just gorgeous and really big! Perfect for a boys room or living area that has a big wall ready for some print!

Indigo Love Scrolls

Now, these are definitely unique and that is why we have them! A few different designs and sizes, perfect if you love vintage or boho eclectic style! The colours are soft and subtle, but these scrolls add a touch of intrigue to any room. 60% cotton and 40% Jute. Indigo Love Collectors are the hunters and gatherers of the very best kind, and the crew at Indigo Love take their international wanderings and condense them down to create the beautiful pieces that make up their Collective. Many handcrafted and one off pieces, just like these!



So really you can put anything you like on your walls these days.  It really is up to you and what you love!  If you ever find it hard to find the right artwork for you, get in touch as we love to help find the perfect artwork for any room.  For a full look at our artwork and prints collection, click here!