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We Love Karina Jambrak and So Will You!

July 14 2020 – Jayne Graham

Welcome to collaborator series number six. And today we introduce Karina Jambrak the gorgeous designer and artist behind her unique hand-drawn artwork.

Grab your cuppa and laptop or tablet and enjoy our top ten fun facts about Karina! She is as colorful as her prints!

A little bit of background ....

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque coastlines lined with tropical evergreens at her doorstep, Sydney-born Designer and Artist Karina Jambrak, creates her signature hand-drawn vistas. Using rich tones and intricate patterns, Karina captures vast landscapes in all their beauty, evoking feelings of optimism and freedom. To find out more about Karina and her gorgeous collection, read our brand spotlight on her and her prints HERE.


Top 10 Fun Facts About Karina Jambrak.


What is your favorite print from your collection and why – no pressure 😊?

It changes all of the time… my favorite at the moment is Dusty Plains.

What is your creative process to come up with a new piece of artwork? 

I’m always taking photos of plants, landscapes, mountain or rock formations, architecture… anything that grabs my eye really. So when coming up with a new piece I go back through my photos. Some are roadside snapshots of beautiful plants I see when on the go, others are shots from my travels. I also love looking at botanical illustrations. From those, I come up with a mood board with a colour palette as color is super important and drives a lot of my works.


What are some of your other favorite furniture and homewares brands?

I have too many to name! I’m obsessed with furniture and homewares.

The Jungalow, Tigmi Trading, Jardan, Water tiger.

If you could live anywhere, describe where and your ideal house/home/country would be?

I’ve always said if I could live anywhere I’d love to live in a house by the ocean in Hawaii… Maui or Kauai. Good vibes, sunshine and saltwater is all I need!


What is your favorite Netflix/stan/binge-watch program and why?

I don’t watch much tv at the moment but I’m a sucker for any reality show – Beverley Hills housewives is probably my ultimate binge. The trashier the better haha.

 What is your favorite book and why?

 ‘I am Malala’, the story of Malala Yousafzai. She is an activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Both she and her story are incredible. Highly recommend reading about her and her causes if you haven’t already.

Favorite holiday destination and why? 

Italy… I’d give anything to go back there. My family is Italian, my grandparents are from Sicily but moved here to Australia just before they had my mum. I grew up with my nonna and Nonno and are very close to them so when I go to Italy my heart feels so full. Love the atmosphere there – the people and their love of life, the language, the food! Definitely my favorite place.

If you could invite anyone to dinner to have your favorite meal who would be around your table and why (you have 5 seats)?

5 seats excluding me?! Michelle Obama, Oprah, Malala, Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo … because they would all have incredible stories to share. Girl power.



What is something that not many people know about you (that you are happy to share 😊)

Ohh I’m an over-sharer so this is a tricky one haha.

Not many people would know that my friends and I have been besties for over twenty years. Pretty incredible, they’re like family to me. I’m sure they’d be able to tell you a lot of things that not many people know about me… probably not stories I’d like to share though haha!

What wise words would you give a younger version of yourself?

Let closing doors be and focus on the new ones that will open. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person and let the people who don’t go. Have faith that the universe will ultimately lead you to where you are destined to be. Always trust your gut.


Thank you so much, Karina, for answering these questions for us.  We love to get to know our creatives better and this has provided a little insight into what makes you tick! Thanks again!