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The Perfect Floor Rug

April 15 2019 – Bipu Bajgai

Floor Rug

Can You Put a Round Floor Rug in a Rectangle Room? Sure You Can!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect floor rug to fit in a very odd shaped room in my house and it is to go under a new round dining table. The room is a rectangular shape, but has one corner on an angle, hence the shape of the table and size of the floor rug where challenging to get right, but we did!  

As we deliberated as to which floor rug to choose, it made me reflect on what is important to me when looking for a floor rug and I struggled with the decision of colour and design over practicality and price? But, then I realised you can get all of the above if you know where to look and take the time to look.

When purchasing a floor rug there are so many factors to consider – colour, size, texture, durability and more.  If you are a touchy feely person like me, texture is so important.  For example a floor rug for the living room must be soft underfoot for me if it is going somewhere important like the living room. It needs to be one that you can lie on, with a pillow, in front of the TV with the kids, without feeling scratchy or especially in my household, one that doesn't make the whole family sneeze. It does also however need to be really durable as it is a high traffic area. So a great place to start is looking at Tribe Home or Ohh Happy Home floor Rugs for these areas.

A great option for a living room includes the Tribe Home Cesar Rug, lattice weave in design made from a wool, cotton and viscose blend.

Floor Rug Online

Or an Oh Happy Home Floor Rug, 100% Wool. The Jasper Rug, Diamond Weave!

Floor Rug Online

If you do however like to make a statement with your floor rug, with more of a pattern design, then maybe one from Collective Sol floor rugs would suit.  They also do great runners for your hallway or in the kitchen.

Collective Sol Floor Rug  Floor Rug

Anyway, going back to the job at hand, the floor rug going under the dining table needed the durability to withstand constant cleaning (especially with young children dropping food everywhere) and is in a high traffic area, so I decided to go with a 220cm round jute rug in natural. This one also compliments the colour pallete and textures of the room and is practical! We also ensured the sizing of the rug had enough rug under the chairs for when they are pulled out to protect our wooden floors.  The table was 140cm in diameter so the rug fits perfectly snug within the crazy shaped space. 

Floor Rug Jute

So it may seem daunting choosing the perfect floor rug, but you can’t go wrong however if you choose the right rug, it is an investment that should last many years and is something that can add a vibrancy, warmth and texture to any room. So take the time to get the right measurements, complimentary colour palette, the right durability for the use of the room and a design that suits you and the family.

At Cranmore Home we work closely with several rug suppliers, all who do amazing floor rugs – Tribe Home, Collective Sol, Amigos De Hoy and Oh Happy Home, so I am pretty lucky that I had these products at my fingers tips.  It has taken a little while to curate the floor rug section of Cranmore Home though, as to find the balance between quality, practicality, style, price and sustainability in a floor rug has meant time spent online researching these products. So please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all when choosing the right floor rug for you.

I do hope you enjoy checking out our selection and if you can’t find what you are looking for, get in touch, as I have several other brands that I also work closely with. For example, the floor rug I found to fit my crazy shaped room was from Stans Rug Centre Perth, who I work with for trade inquiries. I could even take it back within 24 hours if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.


Jayne x


Pictures supplied by Tribe Home Rugs and Oh Happy Home Rugs