At Cranmore Home, we are proud to stock the full collection of Tribe Home’s floor rugs. Founded in 2010 by the delightful Tina Richards, Tribe Home was born out of the belief that a good room always starts from the ground up. Inspired by her backpacking travels through India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Tina set about putting her personal spin on designing floor rugs.

All Tribe Home rugs tell a story, and each rug is as unique as the artisans that weave them. Each hand that touches your rug, does so under Fairtrade regulations, which ensures that the purchase of a rug supports not only our weavers, but also their families.

Cranmore Home stocks a wide variety of Tribe Home rugs which are woven from natural fibres, and suit both traditional and contemporary spaces. We look forward to helping you find your perfect rug. Browse online now or call us on 0437647811 Our friendly team can help you find a rug that is as unique as you, that will make your heart swoon and your room sing.